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amitjf(Posted 2008) [#1]
As I said in my last topic i am working on some terrain touring project with some features. But lately I encountered a problem, which is:
i am modelling using 3ds max 9, so i created an object fom quad patch( a city or something like that) and duplicated it 3 more times. i've attached the 4 instances and welded the vertics on its edges' so now it looks like a big city made of small ones(but still 1 object). now i loaded it into blitz and textured it using entity texture, and somewhy it texture every instance made as being a diffrent object. i mean that it texture the model 4 times and the texture start on each of them at the start of the instance that duplicated and ends at the end of the instance that duplicated.

But, this is not really the problem i need help at. i just think that this would be a hint for solving my problem.
My problem is that i downloaded a model from usgs srtm in .hgt format
(for whom that dont know what srtm is, it's a database of pieces of earth model, like used in google earth with 3d terrain mod on)
, and using few converters i turned it to 3ds. the length of the model is about 234 km i think.
now loaded into blitz, and textured it using a 4096*4096 texture of 4 squares, two are blue and two are red.

the result: the terrain becomes purple/pink. i think that its just doing the same as have been done in my city model and kinda tile it over the model so i cant see the texture, but only if ill zoom about x1000000.
another important thing is that isee just the same when putting the texture on the model in 3ds max.
Do you know how can i stretch the texture over the whole model?

Naughty Alien(Posted 2008) [#2]
I would suggest to apply proper UVW Mapping on your geometry before texture assign..then export from 3DSMAX

amitjf(Posted 2008) [#3]
Yeah lol, sorry, i forgot to unwarp uvw it...