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GaNDaLDF(Posted 2008) [#1]
I'm glad to announce that I've published my first tutorial, relative to an important game development aspect... the lightmaps! In this easy guide you'll find, over the process to generate lightmaps in Blender, a trick to optimize their aspect in the game and with the Blitz3D source code you will be able to learn how to handle them in a possible-game framework.
Other video tutorials will be published soon!
Stay tuned!


puki(Posted 2008) [#2]
Very good.

When are you handing over the goods?

puki(Posted 2008) [#3]
I've sat here, completely naked, for over an hour - where's the stuff?

I rather suggest you hand over the goods, or I'll have to bloody your nose with my paw.

I shall go to sleep for circa 8 hours and when I awake, I'll expect to see some goodies. If not, I shall come to your house and insert a large garden gnome into you.

GaNDaLDF(Posted 2008) [#4]
Puki what the hell are you talking about??? :)
I can't understand.. just you go in the Tutorials section and click on the link "Click here to access the tutorial"...


plash(Posted 2008) [#5]
Whats the deal with the actual tutorial? I have to send an sms message just to look at it?

Why doesn't the download come with the html or blender file?

D4NM4N(Posted 2008) [#6]
I cant read the SMS instructions message, its all in italian. It doesnt say how much this costs :/

puki(Posted 2008) [#7]

We have to pay for this?

I'm just packing my garden gnome.

Mortiis(Posted 2008) [#8]
Do you think anyone would pay for a tutorial? There are tons of tutorials for free. It would make more sense if you sold the exporter and give tuts. for free.

GaNDaLDF(Posted 2008) [#9]
I can't sell the exporter, it use Blender's API... Blender is free and so you can't make pay your scripts (this is what they told me). I thought that this could be a way to earn some money after the long work and the time spent for the exporter (and the 0 donations) but as I can see people don't want to pay even just 2 Euro for a useful resource. Hey ok, it's my fault... I was too stupid to trust in the people.
There's no problem anyway, I will free the tutorial... but I will not answer anymore to questions not strictly related to the bugs of my softwares. I have already spent too much time to help the others.

maximo(Posted 2008) [#10]
hahah, puki is hilarious and gandalf respons to him even more :D gandalf meet puki the forum legend ;)

GfK(Posted 2008) [#11]
I was too stupid to trust in the people.
You mean, you thought 'the people' were stupid enough to pay for something they could get elsewhere for free?

Well they're quite obviously not as stupid as you thought. If you want to make any money then you need to do way more than tutorial writing.

(BTW: Do you know you spelt "Gandalf" wrong?)

GaNDaLDF(Posted 2008) [#12]
Ok.. I know that maybe there are tutorials for free... so don't stress me.. open Google and start to search...

("GaNDaLDF" was my nick since 1998... while I was putting me me on an IRC chat I fault to write a D and so since then I had this nickname)

Mortiis(Posted 2008) [#13]
You have done a great work for the b3d exporter and I'm one of those people in the community who are really grateful for this. You can create a tutorial pack like gametutorials does and sell it for more. Don't get us wrong and say things like "I have already spent too much time to help the others". Cause I thought you were a very cool guy who loves to help people to solve their problems.

GaNDaLDF(Posted 2008) [#14]
Ok Mortiis thanks for the suggestion.. this could be a good idea! I will really think for this solution.
I'm sorry for the phrase but after the hard work I've done, I thought that all these criticisms were a bit heavy and immotivate for what I have done.
Anyway there's no problem I will thought for a solution in the next days.