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Spike314(Posted 2007) [#1]
I have created a Dreamotion3D wrapper for blitz3d it has a few samples and No help file but it works still in beta and will always remain FREE.

you can download it from [/url]http://files.filefront.com/MMSDX9+BetaV02exe/;8795433;/fileinfo.html[\url]

Please Report any bugs/Problems here.


Abrexxes(Posted 2007) [#2]

nice work, but why are you wrapping "every" command?

Function DXGraphicsHeight%()
  Return DLL_DXGraphicsHeight()
End Function

In big scenes this will take time only to avoid DLL_ .

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#3]
its so you dont have to enter optional things every time like parent meshes.

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#4]
That's great Man, I'll try to port one of my game to the Dreamotion.

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#5]
Spike314, Have the BLOOM Effect in the Dreamotion?

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#6]
not that i no of but i can ask and look to see if i can add it.

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#7]
What licence does Dreamotion have? how much?

Your wrapper is very good runs well and looks great good work.

but with no scaleentity? or Camerarange make it abit useless for me at the moment

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#8]
There is scaleentity it is: DXScaleEntity(entity, sx#, sy#, sz#, glob%=False)
and there is a camerarange to it is:DXCameraRange( camera ,near#,far#)

As for the License: Terry Myke (The Creator) said: "It's free to use, and If you want to employ it in games, it is free too.
" So its free if it ever changes i will let you all no.

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#9]
Any idea when I will be able to get the dreamotion dll that doesnt time out after 3mins.

the scaleentity and camerarange functions are not listed in the dx9.bb file so i thought they where left out?

i like the fact that you have just put dx infront of the blitz command it makes it so much easyer

thanks and good luck with this

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#10]
it shouldnt be timing out after 3 mins as there is only 1 version of it and it has never timed out. but i will look in to it.
also you can try download the purebasic pack from www.dreamotion3d.com

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#11]
ok i had an old version on your wrapper and thought that this had copied over the old version but it put it in a different folder. so ive been running the old version which i never really played with.

seams to work great just got to try it with jv-ode

JA2(Posted 2007) [#12]
Downloaded this the other day. Only just had chance to play with it. Awesome work!

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#13]
one thing now ive got i working, in the older version when you were using DX9_ before your commands, you had DX9_AntiAlias True, which worked great, how do i get antialias and other filter settings in the current version?

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#14]
Pete Carter: I think you might be on about a differnet DX9 engine 1) i dont have antialias yet. 2) i dont use and never have used DX9_ just DX. but on the good side there should be a new update soon (like a week or two).

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#15]
Sorry yes your right, the dx9 engine and wrapper i downloaded about 6 months ago was only half finished and was missing alot of functions, yours is much better. I couldnt remember who made it because there was no info with there demo.

will your update include Antialias and Anisotropic filtering etc. i think these are features that blitz3d users have been wanting for along time.

I must say im very impressed with your progress so far.

thanks Pete

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#16]
Im glad you like it. :) I will try and add these functions.

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#17]
Thanks. if you search these forums the main things people moan about when talking about blitz3d is the render being basic. due to it being direct x7. also the antialias function in blitz3d doent work with most hardware, this makes for some very rough looking edges. If your wrapper had the filtering side of thing sorted out your wrapper would make it easy to swap out blitz's render commands and make games look alot better with very little work.

JA2(Posted 2007) [#18]
I'd like to see faster shadowing and .b3d support...

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#19]
Please do remember that im just wrapping a already created 3d engine and i can only add the function that it has. but I can try. As for b3d support it will load static b3d meshes but not animated But that should be soon added.

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#20]
im sure the dreamotion engine already has filtering as it has shader support. can't find any details on the engines features apart from a small list on the engines site.

JA2(Posted 2007) [#21]
With the shadowing, might just be my cpu that makes it slow. I'm only getting about 6fps on the realtime shadows demo.

Still, I'm a bit stuck without the animated .b3d support. I'll keep my eye on this tho ;)

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#22]
Im yet to test this with jv-ode, that will be the problem for me it doesnt work.

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#23]
Hi Carter, do you tested the wrapper with the JV-ODE ?

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#24]
After a simple test, using Dreamotion + Jv-ODE, the result is: Work!!! =D

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#25]

The Dreamotion don't open my .3DS files, return this message: "Import 3DS - *** ERROR *** Loading 3DS File Failed."


Spike314(Posted 2007) [#26]
was that a static or animated mesh?

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#27]
Static... Is a Road what I'm using normally with Blitz3D. But, in Dreamotion return the error in Loading 3DS.

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#28]
I havent had chance to test Jv-ode myself EmerGki Seam to saved me a job. glad it works. Its not really worth me converting my jv-ode game to Dreamotion yet. But if Spike314 can get filtering working I will start coverting it asap.

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#29]
I couldnt seem to find any information on way your mesh isnt loading but it must be a bug with the dreamotion3D engine. Can you tell me what you used the create the 3DS file? As that might have something to do with it.

@Pete Carter
I have just added AntiAlias and Anisotropic to my next release but there are still untested. so i will run a few tests and let you know if they work.

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#30]
Spike314, the .3DS are generated by my own Road Editor. But, this .3DS generated by my editor, works fine in any other editor, like 3DMax, Gile[s], Milkshape, including other game engines like Beyond Virtual and etc...

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#31]
EmerGki is there any chance you can send me 1 of your 3ds files and i will see if i can get it to work for my next release.

Pete Carter(Posted 2007) [#32]
I have just added AntiAlias and Anisotropic to my next release but there are still untested.

Nice work!

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#33]
Spike314, The files are in your mail box! Thanks!

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#34]
EmerGki,I have ran a few tests and sadly to say i cant get them to work so it must be a bug in the dreamotion3d code. I dont get the error message like you but its just not there. I can get it to work if i change format to a .X or .B3d file. Thats a temp way of doing it. I will ask to see anyone else is having a problem with 3ds files and i'll get back to you.

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#35]
Thank you Spike314...


Spike314(Posted 2007) [#36]
EmerGki, Even the creator of dreamotion is puzzled why your 3ds meshes dont load but he did find another way to get them to work. you can just reconvert them in 3dMax or use the other two options. We just need to hope that the creator of dreamotion3d will fix this bug for his next release.

EmerGki(Posted 2007) [#37]

Thank you Spike314.

Spike314(Posted 2007) [#38]
on 09/12/07 a new version of dreamtion3d will be out so im goin to rewrite my engine to the new version.

Abrexxes(Posted 2007) [#39]

Dreamotion3D engine v4.0.0, 06-Dec-2007

Initially, the two most important changes are:
- the code of the engine becomes OpenSource
- Dreamotion3D becomes only one render engine.
It thus does not manage any more the collision and physics.
In the future we will try to write a complementary module
for the management of the collisions and the physics, which
will be based on the API one of PhysX.

for the principal improvements of the engine:
- the terrain engine was re-examined and improve
- the system of octree was re-examined,
- better ressource managements (better stability),
- direct access with the classes of the elements created by the engines,
- complete documentation and in English (still summary, but who should quickly fill out)

The next major changes will be:
- real mesh animation system,
- real shadows mapping system.

So....you make also your wrapper opensource? ;)


Spike314(Posted 2007) [#40]
my wrapper is free why would you want it to be opensource.
I might, I will think about it.

as from the looks of the new code it might just be easyier for me to modify the Dreamotion3d source and add new features to it as dreamotion V4 has no animation or shadow system in it yet. I think with a few people adding new things to this we could have a great DX9 engine for blitz3D

Litobyte(Posted 2008) [#41]
What happened form this thread ?
Anything went forward ?

Spike314(Posted 2008) [#42]
A lot of things changed in dreamotion3D they have removed animations and shadows so its not worth recreating a wrapper for it just yet. But i can say as soon as the fetures have been added i will contiune to create the wrapper for version 4.

Smurfpuss(Posted 2008) [#43]
well i must say the framerate is great but how does it become whit more complex env like the one on the dreammotion webpage in blitz woulde be great to see some more complex screens whit trees and palms and stuff and see the framerate

coulde be great to make some high fps games or even mmorpg

EmerGki(Posted 2008) [#44]
Hi Spike314

The Dreamotion doesn't support Joysticks ?

Spike314(Posted 2008) [#45]
no it dont support joysticks

Oh to let everyone know they have added animation to v4 but its only X format but im still goin to wait till they have a good animation format supported like b3d before i start to create the new wrapper.

EmerGki(Posted 2008) [#46]
Hmm, Ok :( ...

And, about the Shadows (using the sample real time shadows), when I put the light a bit far, the entity does not project any shadow. (I'm using DXLightRange, but, nothing happen)...

Any suggest?

Dreamora(Posted 2008) [#47]
how does B3D relate to good animation compared to X?

B3D Format is a subset of the DX9 X Format, not something superior.
Its only supperior to the DX7 X format supported by B3D.

Spike314(Posted 2008) [#48]
The shadows that was created in dreamotion3d v3 wasnt that good you have to use DXShadowLightDir to adjust the light i would wait intill i recreate the wrapper but then it wont have built in shadows or you can try and find another way.

I didnt no that i think i might have a go and re-create my wrapper.

I will keep you all in the loop.

EmerGki(Posted 2008) [#49]

EmerGki(Posted 2008) [#50]
Spike, I can't use DXEntityParent ?

Because, when I use this command, the entities disappear :(

Spike314(Posted 2008) [#51]
try and see if this will help set it up like this "DXEntityParent(child,parent,false)"

but if you can hold off for a few more days i should have an updated version of the wrapper that uses version 4 of dreamotion.

GrumpyOldMan(Posted 2008) [#52]
Hi Spike314

"hold off for a few more days i should have an updated version of the wrapper that uses version 4 of dreamotion."

Good news.



Spike314(Posted 2008) [#53]
ok its taking abit longer than expected but i will release it as soon as i have finshed. I can't give you a date for the release yet but it will be soon.

Barton(Posted 2008) [#54]
Don't work here with Vista64

After starting the examples runs it for some seconds fine, but then crashed it back to windows. (Windowed and Fullscreen mode) Error from Windows: The Application will change the Color-sheme...

Spike314(Posted 2008) [#55]
Will just have to hope the new version will fix that but i dont have vista 64bit so there is no way to test it.

GrumpyOldMan(Posted 2008) [#56]
Hi Spike314

Are you still working on the wrapper?



Spike314(Posted 2008) [#57]
didn't ask this already?? :D

As soon as dreamotion becomes more stable and userable i will then work on the wrapper again.

GrumpyOldMan(Posted 2008) [#58]
Hi Spike314

Yes I did ask it on the Dreamotion forum but I didn't know where was the best place to catch you :D. Good news, hopefully the 500 version will be more stable.



jfk EO-11110(Posted 2010) [#59]
Does anyone still have these files? (MMSDX9+BetaV02exe)
EDIT nevermind, just found it on my harddrive <:D

Last edited 2010

3DRCzy(Posted 2015) [#60]
Does anyone still have a copy of this? I'd like to try this again.