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bradford6(Posted 2007) [#1]
This is from a few weeks ago but I think it is significant. Support for COLLADA will be a major issue moving forward and I am Glad UU3D is doing htis.

Version 2.31 released April 18, 2007

This release contains minor bugfixes and updates.

What's new for v2.31:

UVToMesh Update: Vertex colors are now preserved.
Bone Editor Update: Added local/world space tabs.
PNG Library updated to version 1.2.16.
See the release_notes.txt file for more information.
Support for reading/writing Collada .DAE files is now available.

Geometry, materials, textures, UV coordinates, multiple UVsets, vertex colors, bones and weighted skeletal animation can be imported and exported.

Get it now in the download section.

ALSO for Blitz3D/MiniB3D folks:

The Blitz3D plugin for importing/exporting B3D files was updated.
What's new:

Export: the list of texture filenames is now optimized.

Export: all brush and texture flags can now be modified.

Import: the 'Multiply 2x' flag for lightmaps is now recognized.

See the plugin readme.txt file for more information.

puki(Posted 2007) [#2]
Oooh - sausages.

Alberto(Posted 2007) [#3]
Did anyone test the Collada exporter ?
Even the XSI and Blender exporters are buggy
The only ones working are for Maya and Max
It would be really great if Ultimate Unwrap might supply a good exporter for Collada