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chwaga(Posted 2007) [#1]
I'm running on 3ds max 8, pipeline is meant for 3ds 6, but someone else says it's working perfectly for him. When i open max, i get the batch exporter options, but once i click export, it SAYS all designated files have been correctly exported, but i find nothing on the destination folder. Then, after that, 3ds looks just the same as it was before.

if anyone could give me a step-by-step instruction on how to install and export files into .b3d, that would ROCK. any other help is appreciated too

IPete2(Posted 2007) [#2]

I shall return today with some help for you.

Don't despair, B3D Pipeline and Max 8 DO work well together, I have Three people using the combination on 3 different pcs so I know it works.

You must install it correctly first, and then use the proper Blitz brush materials etc. Back soon, in the meantime read through the installation instructions and make sure you have the Max 6.0 patch (as it works with 7 and 8).


IPete2(Posted 2007) [#3]

Ok - first have you definately installed the B3d pipeline fully, using unzip to folders? This puts all the correct items into the correct folders inside the Max folder structure.

Go into 3DS Max 8 and confirm a few things:

In material editoryou should see this:


So, Press (1) you should see (2) press it and you should get (3), so press (3), and this image is what you should get next...


In the area shown by (4) you should recognise the standard B3d attributes you can set in code, here in Max you can also set and export these attributes as part of your model export, using pipeline.

When you are happy press button marked (5) and you should now see this.


The area shown in (6) is where you load your textures, where it says bitmap, also you can set the attributes here too. When you load a texture you get a standard "Browse images for input" file selector.

If you use alpha channels make sure you set the alphas in both attribute settings (i.e. where the texture map says alpha on the right below my cursor in this image (6) (not the blend), and in the blend in the Blitz 3d Brush settings.

Finally use the Max EXPORT button under file and you should see this:


You should read and pay attention to what is written in (8), especially where characters and b3d extensions are concerned, as they require a little more thought.

Preview you work everytime to ensure what you are going to see in B3d, the viewer is written in B3d so it will show you exactly what you will get.

If you are happy with the settings for (10) then click (11) and you should then get your model and textures in the exported folder.

Remember to run your programme from within that folder too - or make sure the filepaths are correct.

global model = loadmesh("thatfoldername/yourmodel.b3d")

I hope that helps a bit, any more questions just leave them here and I'll check it out over the next couple of days, either that or email me directly.