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simonh(Posted 2007) [#1]

Some unbelievable artwork in there. Seems the pro artists are quite keen on ZB3.

Gabriel(Posted 2007) [#2]
Some very impressive stuff there, although as always with ZBrush, Silo and MudBox, it would be nice to see a few less pictures of incredibly wrinkly old men. ( I mean they're impressive and all, but how often do you need a picture of a wrinkly old man? )

Reactor(Posted 2007) [#3]
Looking forward to ZB3 myself but yes... first it was monsters, and now it's incredibly wrinkly old men. Next up: incredibly wrinkly old monsters.

simonh(Posted 2007) [#4]
ZB3 is out now - see www.pixologic.com

Would be interested to hear impressions from the artists here.

I bought ZB3 but not entirely sure why yet - hopefully I'll be able to create something more interesting than a wrinkled potato.

Reactor(Posted 2007) [#5]
I love Zbrush 3. The HD geometry is awesome (for my old PC) and the new sculpting tools are much easier to use. Poly painting is a little clunky to get cranking, but once you get the workflow down it means painting models is pretty much a non-issue. This for me is the best thing... I've been after a 3D painting solution for a long time, and haven't been able to afford one. I think I'm in love both transpose and matcap :) 3D layers are awesome, as I'm sure are a bunch of other tools I haven't got to yet.

Good things aside, Z3 is buggy as all heck, and whoever worked on it wasn't aware people still run at 1024. You can't scroll the left-hand sidebar for some reason, the intro screen is all squashed wth overlapping text, and you can corrupt your UI config, which means you need to delete it, or Zbrush will crash whenever you click. Also, many preferences aren't saved when you save your UI... which is a pretty lame oversight (this was an issue in Z2, so again it's a case of beta testers only testing their workflows, and not the program). Z3 likes to crash, if you hadn't noticed. Also, until a few more plugins are released, the HD geometry is pretty much... useless. Freaking awesome, but useless.

If Pixologic fix the bugs, this program is going to rock. It's certainly isn't a 'one press, make awesum art' program, so many people will do nothing more with it than make artistic blobs and such. But, once you realise how to use the tools in creative ways, the sky really is the limit! My mind boggles at just how much the program allows someone to do, and the many ways to do it.

simonh(Posted 2007) [#6]
Regarding the 'HD geometry is useless without plug-ins' comment - what plug-ins do you mean exactly?

Sounds good though, I'm sure the bugs will be sorted soon enough.

Reactor(Posted 2007) [#7]
Plugin info here- in Pixolator's comments...


There are a lot of design quirks which also fall into the category of bugs in my book... so I'm doubtful those will be changed. Still, an awesome program even with those oversights.

Gabriel(Posted 2007) [#8]
Darn, something else to burn a hole in my pocket.

taumel(Posted 2007) [#9]