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Barbapapa(Posted 2007) [#1]
I'm sure you know, but just in case...it's really fanatastic and free

An Ivy Generator
by Thomas Luft, University of Konstanz

Ivy Generator

Mustang(Posted 2007) [#2]
Cool - was new to me at least!

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2007) [#3]
Very nice app that makes nice looking stuff. Tho... for realtime rendering as in games pretty useless IMHO, since Ivy is exactly one of those things where you can achieve good results with low poly tricks. you only need a couple of quads and masked dds Ivy textures (couple of branches on one texture) for dense looking Ivy. Probably it won't look as good as the Stuff seen on the guys page, but in a game I simply couldn't use such high poly stuff.

Noless, very useful for Image creation, of course.

Barbapapa(Posted 2007) [#4]
nah, you could always do a polygon reduction, with Meshlab for example. Of course only for the branches. The leaf is already the smallest size possible. Or render the branches and put the map on a low polygon mesh and the leafs as original. There are ways...

Gabriel(Posted 2007) [#5]
Looks great, but what do I do with my OBJ when it's generated? It's 500mb more or less, and it won't load into Ultimate Unwrap, 3D Module Convertor or 3dsMax. In all cases, it just hangs the application when loading. It wasn't a particularly huge or complex scene either.

Barbapapa(Posted 2007) [#6]
500 MB? I wouldn't call this small;) Do you have so many leafes or are the branches so high-poly?

I'll give you some help:

1 . First set up the 'growing' parameters and click on 'grow'. Re-Click on 'grw' to stop growing.

2. Set the 'birth' parameters and click on 'birth'

Now you should have the result you aimed at.

Next thing is to re-calculate the the branches and leafes separately and do an export. To do so you should write down the parameters for leaf probability' and 'ivy branch size'. You will need them later again.

3. Generate solely the branches by setting 'leaf probability' to 1 and click on 'birth'

3. Export the branches.

4. Generate only the the leafes by setting 'ivy branch size' to 0 and click on 'birth'

5. Export the leafes.

6. Now import the branches in Meshlab or LW or XSI Ess+ or C4D or.. any app that provides polygon reduction. And now it's up to you, determine the right poly reduction parameters by trial&error or experience :)

7. Check the textures and export to 3ds or b3d.

8. Good luck :)

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2007) [#7]
Neverless, even when you do some poly reduction, there's still a couple of tris for each leaf.
When you use tileable masked ivy on say a wall, then you'll have about 12 Triangles for the entire wall. Just some layers.

Although, I agree this will save you some time to mask the texture, if you render the polygon Ivy on a certain background, where a masked photo takes a lot of lasso work, especially with Ivy.