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Matty(Posted 2007) [#1]
As my ISP won't allow me to connect to unwrap3d's website I'm unable to purchase it and have had to find another way of getting animated meshes from XSI into Blitz3D.

One way would be to write an exporter for dotXSI to b3D. The dotXSI format is pretty simple to read but I'm really not up to the challenge at the moment of writing an exporter myself, so found this method:

1. Download the ActorX addon for XSI from Unreal's website, a search on google will bring it up. Install as per instructions on website. Read tutorial on using the ActorX() add on for Maya (site says is pretty much same process for XSI). It is pretty simple really - save the mesh, then save the animations.

2. Open Milkshape, import psk file which contains mesh and skeleton but no animation. Retexture it as texturing may have gotten lost in the process. (Simply reassigning materials will work assuming all UV Mapping done already)
Export the psk file as a b3d mesh.

3.While in Milkshape, load the psa file, containing the bones and animation. Because the b3d exporter doesn't allow you to export bones only (milkshape says something like 'nothing to export') place a cube or a triangle anywhere in the scene and export this as well as a b3d file.

4.In blitz3d - load your mesh (the one without animation) using the loadanimmesh command. Then load the other b3d file, the one containing the animation, an load it using 'loadanimseq(entity,filename$)'. This will store the animation sequence which was exported earlier into animation sequence 1.

5.Play animation using 'animate mesh,mode,speed,sequence' where sequence will be 1 in this case.

It is pretty simple going this way.

Don't know how useful it will be for people, obviously not as useful as an dotXSI exporter- but it works.

If you have access to unwrap3d then I guess that is better but for those who don't this is another way of exporting animations from XSI into b3d.

Beaker(Posted 2007) [#2]
Might worth mentioning that this path will probably work just as well for Max and Maya (plugins on the same website):