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ragtag(Posted 2007) [#1]
While Googling 2D animation software, I just spotted that CreaToon has been made free. CreaToon is a realtime bit-map based cut-out animation software for Windows, that used to cost around $250-400 if I remember correctly. It's a bit like Anim Studio (previously known as Moho), but more bitmap based.

Potentially a great tool for creating animated sprites, without drawing every frame.



Doggie(Posted 2007) [#2]
Thanks for the heads up. You just made my night.

QuickSilva(Posted 2007) [#3]
Oh goodie :) Must check this out. Has anyone here used the software before? How does it compare to Moho?

Thanks for posting this ragtag.


ragtag(Posted 2007) [#4]
Don't know exactly how it compares to Moho (now Anime Studio). Moho is mostly vector based, but does support bitmaps. While CreaToon is mostly bitmap based, but supports vectors now. :)

I have only looked a little at both. I found Moho to be very slow on my iBook, even with rather simple scenes. While CreaToon as far as I know, uses OpenGL to draw everything, so was very fast (on my old Windows box).

There is a demo of Moho/Anime Studio here so you can compare them.

Of course, in price CreaToon wins hands down. :)

Tri|Ga|De(Posted 2007) [#5]
This looks nice, will give it a try!