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iamdaman13(Posted 2006) [#1]
Is the toolbox kept up to date? I noticed that a lot of the links there are broken.

iamdaman13(Posted 2006) [#2]

Beaker(Posted 2006) [#3]
I suspect not. :)

iamdaman13(Posted 2007) [#4]
Where can I find a site with tools for Blitz3d without all the broken links?

big10p(Posted 2007) [#5]
The Tool Box is still your best bet. If a link is broken then I guess that tool is no longer available, for whatever reason - although, you could still try Googling for it, I suppose. What kind of tools are you after?

tonyg(Posted 2007) [#6]
I'm not aware of one.
What sort of tool are you after?

simonh(Posted 2007) [#7]
There shouldn't be any broken links anymore, it was tidied up recently.

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2007) [#8]
I guess I will upload all my collected blitz downloads the sooner or later. Must be a ton of real goodies. Probably it also contains some files that cannot be found anymore ATM.