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Zach3D(Posted 2006) [#1]
I need a free animating tool for Blender3D, the animator for Blender3D doesnt seem to be good for character animations.. or animations at all, Blender exports (.obj),(.3ds),(.x) and many more, what is a free animating tool I could use for models I export from blender?

LineOf7s(Posted 2006) [#2]
Free? Dunno. Can't think of one off the top of my head.

Excellent and ridiculously inexpensive? PaceMaker

Iamhere(Posted 2006) [#3]
I think the only free one is AnimB3D, but you must first convert a .x or .3ds in .b3d
You can do that with Decorator from the Toolbox/3D Texture Tools.
If you want to load .3ds or .x direct you must buy Pacemaker or an other Program.

PetBom(Posted 2006) [#4]
Why isn't Blender good for character animations?

I find that Blender copes with character animation really well. Blender is kind of quirky in many ways, but creating, rigging and animating a character is actually pretty straightforward in the package.

The thing that is really missing is solid .b3d exporter directly from blender (I've been meaning to write an exporter for a long time, but I never seem to get around to it)

Right now the best pipline from Blender (for me) is:

Blender -> Ogre *.mesh/*.skeleton (Through the really good ogre exporter by Jens Hoffman) -> Unwrap 3D, Ogre importer -> Blitz3D *.b3d


Luke.H(Posted 2006) [#5]
Iíve written a b3d exporter for blender if anyoneís interested,

Its pretty complete (meshes, textures, and animations)

I release it when I fix the mirrored mesh problem, just Iíve be busy lately and havenít had time.

Anyone who know a thing or two about python exporters, blender, and matrixes, your welcome to help me fix it.

LineOf7s(Posted 2006) [#6]
There's a bunch of forums posts and a whole bunch of undocumented wishful thinking that indicates that there are people interested in a B3D exporter for Blender.

PetBom(Posted 2006) [#7]

I'm really interested in your blender exporter. I'm no python wizard, but if you'd like I could take a look at the exporter and see if I can contribute.

Mirror mesh problem? Do you mean orientation wise or when using a Mirror modifier?

Sorry for hijacking this tread :)


Luke.H(Posted 2006) [#8]

Well the orientation is also wrong right now, but thatís minor,

Itís basically acting like a mirror, the mesh is flipped. Itís probably not hard to fix, I just havenít looked in to it yet. I was going to flip the mesh in the exporter, to counter the problem but I wasnít sure about how to flip the bones.