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JoshK(Posted 2006) [#1]

-fixed lighting export bug
-fixed disappearing models bug

Amon(Posted 2006) [#2]
Thanks. :)

Keep these updates coming.

I don't suppose I could ask you about any info on 3DWS 6.0; what features it will have ect?


JoshK(Posted 2006) [#3]
3DWS 6.0 will be well-integrated with my engine, but will still be useful for Blitz3D and other engines. The main features I am adding are displacement brushes (Half-Life 2 terrain) and solid smoothing groups for curved surfaces.

Other than that, it will just be faster and tighter.

Oh, I also want to add normal map angles on the lightmap. The program would calculate a dot3 lightmap to be used with a bumpmap. This would give you better bumpmapping than just using vertices, and it would make it so the bumpmaps actually work with shadows.

IPete2(Posted 2006) [#4]
Cool stuff just keeps on coming!

Thanks for the heads up Josh!