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Moraldi(Posted 2006) [#1]
I have 3 animated models in LightWave 7 format but i can't get a B3D file with animation data from UUnwrap. Is there any converter to convert these models to B3D format but with animation?

Gabriel(Posted 2006) [#2]
UUnwrap is not your problem. It must be the format you're using to get from Lightwave to UU, because I did all my animated b3d's with UU for years.

IPete2(Posted 2006) [#3]

Have you tried the two exporters for Lightwave? I believe both Lee Page (terabit) and hmm someone else whose name I can't recall (sorry), have exporters for Lightwave.

Mustang uses Lightwave a lot so he would know the answer, perhaps email him direct and ask nicely for his advice?

[edit] A quick look around this website revealed this, try these:



Mustang(Posted 2006) [#4]
I have only used Lee's LW-to-B3D Converter and that works fabulously well even with boned / skinned animations and with static objects. I have not tried it with complicated hierarchial animation (like robot with arms etc that do not stretch).

Finding the Converter is more tricky because the "Specs and utils" link is broken... try emailing Lee directly:

You could also try Tom Speeds converter:

Moraldi(Posted 2006) [#5]
What you mean "... the format i am using ...", I just bought these three models from TurboSquid in price of $95.00
I spend the money because in Product Specifications it appears they are animated
IPete, thanks for your info. It helps me a lot to start searching...
Here is the link about these models:

In any case thanks both for your replies

IPete2(Posted 2006) [#6]
Aha! So you don't have Lightwave, but you have models exported from Lightwave?

You were using UUnwrap 3D to export into B3d format.
Now we're getting a much clearer picture of what you are trying to achieve.

Moraldi, here is what I suggest you could do, you could ask an owner of Lightwave 7 or above (from these forums) - if they would kindly take a look at the models and export in the animated B3d format for you.


Mustang(Posted 2006) [#7]
OK... so... they are .LWOs and boned. You should be able to get them converted with Lee's tool IF they are triangulated. If not, you need Lightwave so that you can do that.

I would assume that models you bought are quads (because he says they're subpatch models). Have you checked that UUW3D supports boned/skinned .LWO mesh import?

If all else fails I can convert them for you, just use the email in my profile and email them to me. Might take a day or so before I manage to actually do that though because of life, weekend and such things :)


Yup, looks like they are quaded from the TS pics...

Moraldi(Posted 2006) [#8]
I downloaded from UUW3D site the LWO dll converter but there is no any documentation. I just got static B3D models.
I didn't have the time to send any e mail to Lee Page or someone else. Your correspondence was faster than the eye could flick (thanks!)
Because I am not expierenced in 3D graphics (thats why I buy models from Internet) I am sending you the original models...

Mustang(Posted 2006) [#9]

I emailed you sec ago - you're not going to like that email... I think that those models just don't have any animations. More info in the mail!

TeraBit(Posted 2006) [#10]
As per my other post:

Hi All,

I recently moved hosting provider, so it's been a bit of upheaval. I emailed Mark a week ago to ask him to update the links to the convertors, but haven't had a reply or had anything updated, so maybe he's not around at the moment.

The new link is Here

If you're having UV probs then best to keep skellygons out and triangulate the model before saving. I've found working on one copy, then exporting a second when you want to convert to be the best practice.

The .LWO format is pretty complicated (It holds a lot more information than most Model formats I've come across) and UV information is in a particularly 'Far out' format. Plus animation and hierarchy information is held in the .LWS file and is also in a rather strange format.