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IPete2(Posted 2006) [#1]
Just a quick note about something which appeared on the home page this weekend,

The FishEd Map Editor - Demo

...has been released. The website they have is not complete yet - which is a shame as I wanted to find out loads more about this excellent looking tool. If you haven't tried it and you are into BMax game making - you must check it out. They have included (with permission) a well known/remembered Amiga game character and graphics to help show how to put a level together.

Nice one people! When will it be complete?


tonyg(Posted 2006) [#2]
... and you got this working and managed to play around with it?
IMO, might as well be a screenshot.
If you copy the .bmp files to c\: then it does work well although limited. Hope it hasn't lost too many people.

IPete2(Posted 2006) [#3]
Tony, yes, sorry I completely missed the earlier thread, I have potsed there now.

Yan(Posted 2006) [#4]
It seems to have disappeared from the news section and I couldn't find any trace of a download on the Scary Fish website.

Any chance of some linkage?

thalamus(Posted 2006) [#5]
Thanks for the comments, IPete.

Yan - the link is:

Yan(Posted 2006) [#6]
Aha...Thanks. :o)

Chroma(Posted 2006) [#7]
Can someone post a screenshot of this editor? The site isn't working for me... :(

IPete2(Posted 2006) [#8]
Here you are with Putty graphics in place.

bottom right is a smaller balck and white map with the red frame showing whats in the main window, you grab and drag - nice and easy navigation around the map.


North(Posted 2006) [#9]
This looks interesting - will check it out whenever i get the time.

popcade(Posted 2006) [#10]
Check also TileStudio and Mappy, you can do tilemap editing easily with these, too.

WarpZone(Posted 2006) [#11]
I am confused. In the FishEd FAQ, it says this:

Q: Why isn't FishEd written in Blitz Max?

A: Blitz Max was released around half-way through the completion of FishEd, and therefore the integration and compatibility with Blitz Max would always be limited. If there's enough demand, we'll produce a Max conversion of FishEd with added support for different graphics formats and alphas.

What exactly does this mean to me, as a BMX programmer? Does FishEd just plain not work with BMX, right out of the box? Does it mean we'd need to write our own wrappers in BMX in order to make use of the files that FishEd exports? Or does it just mean BMX can do a few things that FishEd can't help with, such as alpha transparency and rotation? I've been looking all over the website and I don't see anything like a BMX demo. Guess I'll have to wait 'till August 1.

thalamus(Posted 2006) [#12]
Essentially, FishEd doesn't support multiple graphics formats, alphas, etc. There are a number of really nice features I could have included had I written it in Max.

The final product will ship with Blitz+ code for loading maps (and probably brushes, anims, meta data, etc.), and hopefully I'll get time to include some Max source for this was well (if not, it'll appear on the website in due course).

As a Max programmer, therefore, it means you'll need to convert the loading routines to Max *if* I don't get them done in time.

Reading back I can see how that paragraph confused you, I'll tweak it so that it makes more sense.

There's another thread about FishEd in the Showcase forum, btw... ;)