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D4NM4N(Posted 2006) [#1]
I just wanted to let everyone know T.Ed can now import meshes. :)

As of 4.2(coming any day) there will be single mesh export of terrain and there will be mesh exporting of pops to 1 big mesh (for those that requested it :O).

However, recommended playing with is this:

The EPR script format ted exports is proving to work really well:
This is a really basic demo of a terrain with a few props, designed to show the simplicity of the media system.

Using this system, ted can be used as a wraparound for your favorite world editor be it 3dmax,giles,world studio,cs4 etc.

T.Ed allows you to take your meshes from whereever and position them on a terrain, add trees around them(prehaps a few buildings outside a major citadel etc), lightmap the lot to the terrain and save the resulting references.

This means, you can change the mesh, without having to put it through ted to import& export each time. Meanwhile still preserving the environmental qualities such as fog, camera range, autofades, skybox config, mesh position/rot/sca and custom properties.

puki(Posted 2006) [#2]

Hurray for Teddy Edward.

Does props too.

D4NM4N(Posted 2006) [#3]

N(Posted 2006) [#4]
That demo only looks good as a thumbnail. Where's the detail? Going up close it's just a blurry mess.

D4NM4N(Posted 2006) [#5]
Good point,
Thats because its a demo of the X export, if it was b3d it would have the full detail (as seen in the demo map in ted)
Im still learning blender so prop textures are basic and done in about 25 min.
It was more of a code demo than a visual one.

Wayne(Posted 2006) [#6]
Noel, Where's the rest of the particle system code you posted to the archive? I think you should look closer at what you post instead of picking on Dan.



N(Posted 2006) [#7]
Wayne: Right in the code archives.

I'm not picking on D here, I'm pointing out the problem with his demo.

This is where you start reading, Dan (hereinafter referred to as D since I'm not particularly fond of the name 'Dan' -- don't ask).

If I saw this as the only demo available for TED, I would assume it was incapable of producing anything of real detail. And for good reason, there is hardly any detail in this demo.

Also, D, you really shouldn't be putting up demos with content that was from a "still learning" situation. Especially when it comes to what is pretty much the only content visible. It will do you no good because, like it or not, people will pass judgement on your product based on the quality of the media you show in the demo (and some folks may, in hindsight, say something like "I didn't judge this based on the content of the demo," but chances are it's just that: hindsight; it's highly unlikely that they didn't pass some form of judgement with the content of the demo included).

As is, TED is useless to me (and plenty of other folks that use splatting, which is catching on quite a bit) due to the fact that it works entirely on vertex alpha. You should consider adding support for a blend map output (of course, this isn't really that plausible since you would have to have a 512x512 vertex mesh for each pixel if you wanted a nice high resolution blend map) for texture splatting use. Although considering that TED seems to be written in Blitz3D, it would be pretty much undoable to have a true representation of the blend map.

And one last thing, you should make the "T.Ed Bar Blah Foo" text link to the TED product page.