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Pete Carter(Posted 2006) [#1]
Hi ive been using Pacemaker for my animations of normal people but have found it hard to animate my transformers in the program (not what it was designed for i know)

Anyway ive been looking at Mocca the in built module for cinema 4d 9 and although ive not used it much because i didnt think i could export a useable animated mesh, it looks like i was wrong the XPORT plugin will export meshes with bones and animations in x format which i can load in unwrap and convert to blitz3d ive only tryed a model which i very badly added some bones to but on load into unwrap it does indeed look the same with the bones in place.

if anyone has tryed this please can you let me know before i learn to use mocca because i need to buy a book to learn it and if it doent work ive somewhat wasted my time. it would be great if it did!


XPORT plugin link bellow

Gord(Posted 2006) [#2]
I have Cinema 4d v6 with an x file plugin. I have not tried it yet. Does anyone know if it eports anims ok?

Pete Carter(Posted 2006) [#3]
cant get it to work yet but ive inly just got a rig working in cinema 4d with mocca and need to try it again, the last export i tryed had a mesh that looked great and bones all in the right places but the mesh was not deformed by the bones when animated so i must have lost the vertex map info some how im sure theres a way to get it working but ive not got it yet. if anyone has let me know please.