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Doucha(Posted 2006) [#1]
How can I convert .b3d files to .x files?

I'm trying to program using DirectX which only seems to import .x files.
I usually convert files into .x via Milkshape or something, but I can't get .b3d files into these utils? are there any importers or converters?


Ross C(Posted 2006) [#2]
Ultimate unwrap will convert .b3d into .x files. I think it costs about 20- 30. It's an excellent app though, well worth the money :o)

Doucha(Posted 2006) [#3]
Surely there must be something free? I only want to convert 2 .b3d tree moels for my basic project.

The .b3ds are created in Tree Crator, free from the Toolbox.

Does Blitz do any other export? i.e. to .x? as Tree Creator has the source, I could try rewriting it


Robert Cummings(Posted 2006) [#4]
It's worth the money.

Ross C(Posted 2006) [#5]
There is a .x exporter in the archive, by peter scheul.. er.. summit like that (sorry peter :o) ) or david bird... can't remember...

Ross C(Posted 2006) [#6]
Yep, David Bird's code. Works a charm. It saves the mesh and the UV's, but only save a single surface mesh. Works great :o)


Filax(Posted 2006) [#7]
B3D ... the only one

Doucha(Posted 2006) [#8]
David Birds code, very cool top job mate.

Sadly doesn't work for what I need, edited it intot the Tree Creator, as as you said only saves a single surface, and Tree Creator must have two the trunk and the leaves - as only the leaves are saved off :)

If I have some time I'll try looking into this further. Thanks alot for all the advice

Ricky Smith(Posted 2006) [#9]
You can use PaceMaker to convert from .b3d to .X - multi-surface and multi-texture- it also exports the bones and animation .
The 7-day trial version is fully functional with all export options.
Just updated to 1.3

Shambler(Posted 2006) [#10]
Not sure on the current status of this but it seemed to work last time I checked it ;)


Paulus(Posted 2006) [#11]
Can someone creating .x files or .b3d files in Milkshape (or any other purchased modeller) sell them commercially? Or do you need to have a special licence with Blitz? Having bought Blitz3d I would like to think that I have the right to distribute or sell .b3d models.

Also, does having an installed copy of DirectX (as obviously most except the very oldest PCs) allow someone to sell their created .x files or is Bill Gates' company demanding cash to distribute/sell these as well?



Ricky Smith(Posted 2006) [#12]
As far as I am aware, and as long as the model and textures used are your own work and have been produced by legally owned software, there is no restriction on selling them in any 3d file format.
The only file format with "caveats" I know about is the .mp3 for sound.
I'm sure there are a few more examples like that but none for 3d file formats I'm aware of and certainly none for the .b3d or .x formats.
You will see that nearly all model packs are sold in most standard formats without problem.

Paulus(Posted 2006) [#13]
Thanks Smiff.

Two other questions for anyone who knows (or cares!) -

(1) Being a legit Blitz3D owner, does that mean you need to have a special commercial licence to sell Blitz3D created EXEs? Or do you just go for it as you have purchased that right with the product?

I started thinking about using Irrlicht, but got bogged down in C++. Blitz is so well-suppported with its examples I personally will be using it more and more now.

(2) How do Blitz 3D models compare with - eg - .MAX models, or .X files - do you get the dame level of detail - what number of polygons for each format, etc - is there a site I can quickly visit to get this info?

Cheers - Paul

kfprimm(Posted 2006) [#14]

FAQ is a good thing to read :-)

Paulus(Posted 2006) [#15]
Ah FAQ, now I remember that - problem is I couldn't remember where it was but good of you to point it out Khomy Prime. Still doesn't answer my 2nd Q though...