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Ekix(Posted 2005) [#1]
I did find a plugin for import Sims 2 models into Milkshape 1.7.6, it's called:(MTS2_55865_wes_h_MilkShapePluginV216).

Anyway for some reason I can't find a piece of software to unpack these Sims2Pack files and there's a lot of them to download around web.

I would not want to buy the game, because I don't play games, just wanted to test these as animated models in Blitz3D.

Does anybody know about a software to unpack these Sims2Pack files , and where to get it?

boomboom(Posted 2005) [#2]
1) I am not too sure that that would be totally legal, especially if you don't own it.

2) The actual animations probably arn't included in the packs, but in anmation files distributed with the install version of the game, then applied to the models at runtime.