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gimpy1(Posted 2005) [#1]
Hi All,

I just downloaded a demo of Fragmotion.

What I initially see looks good.

The user manual is really lean and I can find pnly a couple of very limited tutorials.

If someone is using it, can you let me know how you learned to use it and how well it is working out for you. I want to create animated, textured models for Blitz3d only.

Thanks loads for any help that can be offered.


Ricky Smith(Posted 2005) [#2]
Fragmotion is very good as an animated model converter/viewer it has loads of file format imports and exports.
As for actual animation - its pants.

QuickSilva(Posted 2005) [#3]
I would suggest to anyone reading this (Smiff is obviously too modest ;) to get PaceMaker. It is an outstanding tool well worth checking out and has some great video tutorials.

In fact I am really surprised that it hasn`t received much attention in general. It is very well priced, has great support (especially as it has been made primarily for Blitz3D users) and has some really unique features that I haven`t seen in any other software, period. Smiff has some great features planned for future versions but if people show no interest then we may never get to see them which would be a great shame. We should all be supporting the very talented people in this community who are making tools of this quality for us especially at the low price Smiff is asking for.

Here`s the link, check out the demo :)


Ross C(Posted 2005) [#4]
Yep, Pacemaker is awesome :o)

Anatoly(Posted 2005) [#5]
Yes, I can second that also. ;-)

Beaker(Posted 2005) [#6]
They are both great, but, Fragmotion offers modelling, UV mapping, animation and texture painting. Whereas, PaceMaker only does animation (really well).

AdrianT(Posted 2005) [#7]
heh never heard of either of them, so I guess word hasn't really gotten out that far yet. Will have to check both pacemaker and fragmotion out later :)

Sarge(Posted 2005) [#8]
I use CharacterFX which is a good program. I was testing Fragmotion before to see if it was worth buying and it was a good program, but i just decided to go with CharacterFX because its more easy and fast for me to animate with.

Ricky Smith(Posted 2005) [#9]
Its true as Beaker mentioned that Fragmotion covers more ground.

Personally I think PaceMaker, for animation & rigging ,knocks seven shades of poo out of the rest but my opinion is biased. I also think that Fragmotion and PaceMaker work extremely well together - I use both.

What really proves if a product is any good is if people are prepared to spend their hard earned cash on it.
It appears with PaceMaker they are not and I have to respect that and accept the fact that its not really a viable product.
The demand for this type of tool is low and most people already have their favorite app they've spent time learning and understandably aren't always going to go out and learn another tool no matter how simple or productive it is.

In any case I will continue to develop and improve this application so registered users, both of them :), will continue to get updates - there's some interesting ones in the pipeline !

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2005) [#10]
I think there's a market for Pacemaker, you only need some more agressive sales strategies. Think of Bill Gates; Was there a market for windows? bah!

Every artist needs a salesman unless he want's to be a poor man. Some artists are also talented salesmen but usually they're not. when you consider how much money is made out of tools like 3dsmax, maya etc. there is plenty space for a tool like Pacemaker.
Did you already try to release a limited version on some cover disks of papermags? Maybe the Vertices limit again. They always want "Fullversions" on their disks also "light" ones.

Dirk Krause(Posted 2005) [#11]
What really proves if a product is any good is if people are prepared to spend their hard earned cash on it.

Yes and no. My time is even more valuable to me than my cash. I personally would love to shell out money for something like pacemaker and actually something like Charactershop. I just don't know if it does what I want and how.

In general I'd like to have a set of models and a set of animations and a m times n matrix between them.

A bit like Character Shop is, but with the ability to add animations.

Alberto(Posted 2005) [#12]

In my opinion the hobbyest game programmers comunity need the following tools

Level builder

I mean modelling require specific skill , not to mention that a lot of objects are available at a low cost
As far as level builder and Unwrapper there are already two great tools : Chartographi shop and Ultimate.
We need an animator tool
I do hope that sooer or later our comunity realize that your choice is right and that your softwarw is great