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Chad(Posted 2005) [#1]
Milkshape3d is the undoubtly most important program I have purchased for modelling, mapping, terrain, texturing.

When I first started out with modelling, I got reccommended to Milkshape3d on the Anim8or forums, and fell in love. Though at first I was like many modellers in the beginning, I had my slow and good times, models were a lot more complicated. But as I played with it, and played with it, and played with it some more, I can now say I'm more of an "intermediate" modeller than "advanced" as to some of you.

Now all I need, is to save my money and buy me Paint Shop Pro or something, because all my textures are done in MS Paint, wether thats a good thing or not, I do not know, but I'd like to expand my horizon.

By the way, Milkshape3d also has a good community and a lot of tutorials for new users. If your new at modeling, and short on cash, Milkshape3d is excellant, cheap, and easy to learn, hard to master, but good in every aspect.


Red Ocktober(Posted 2005) [#2]
wow... you must have a verrrrrry short life...

buy more...

buy more... now...



Jams(Posted 2005) [#3]
I made the best purchase of my life on a weekend trip to amsterdam... :D

BlackJumper(Posted 2005) [#4]
A pair of clogs ???

Rob Farley(Posted 2005) [#5]
Got to agree here, I'm a keen milkshaper too!

Red Ocktober(Posted 2005) [#6]
Jams!!!!!! my god!!!!!!


(yeah... i know, i know... that's what she said)


Ross C(Posted 2005) [#7]
Only problem with milkshape, last time i used it, is, it doesn't save group names, so you can't export a model from milkshape to .b3d and use find child on it.

Gabriel(Posted 2005) [#8]
Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't seem to export vertex normals either. I like Milkshape, but the b3d plugin for it could use some work.

Ricky Smith(Posted 2005) [#9]
Milkshape doesn't support vertex weighting either. Very cool app though for its price.

Rob Farley(Posted 2005) [#10]
Ross: Findchild works fine from milkshape but it nothing to do with finding groups it finds bones.

Gabriel: I've had no problems with normals being exported to B3D, the only thing annoying it doesn't seem to export are smoothing groups so you don't get sharp corners where you want them.

Banshee(Posted 2005) [#11]
I think 3D Exploration was probably my best software buy aside from B3D, I cought a lifetime ownership deal at $70 or thereabouts just before they sold out and sent the price rocketing. Unfortunately the lifetime deal wasn't honoured but I still get Deep Exploration 2, which although doesnt support everything i'd like it too is still darn handy.

I dont know what i'd do without it.

Hmmm yes I do. I'd have to write it.