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puki(Posted 2005) [#1]
Long have I been eying up T.ED: http://www.d-grafix.com/softwareted.html

I notice in the latest update on the site (01/11/05) - Current version is release 3.2

* ADDED - Option for positioning mesh(s) axis. (only option 1 reccommended for B3D or X with vertex alpha, but this doesnt matter for single layered meshes or supertextured meshes)

Anyone know exactly what this means? I am hoping that it means you can now load meshes (props) into T.ED and position them onto the terrain like you can with A.L.E.

It is the one feature that I have wanted in T.ED (positioning props) to convince me to buy it and I am hoping it is what I want.

Any info on this appreciated.

D4NM4N(Posted 2005) [#2]

The positioning of the mesh axis means the user can now decide where to put the Axis of each terrain block. The center, corner or a special offset which helps entity alpha or texture alpha to show correctly when using the vertex alpha style terrain.

The tutorial can be viewed free from the T.Ed homepage and has more information on this.

I am looking at getting some kind of basic prop support into T.Ed but need to find a way of doing it to keep the speed smooth, as when in T.Ed the terrain meshes are heavily unoptimized and much slower than the exported mesh.

Ill keep you updated


puki(Posted 2005) [#3]
Right, I'l buy it now - then you can sort it.

Note, I only want to briefly load meshes - I'm not worried about details. Whatever I load in is only briefly staying there for measurements then I am ditching it.

This is all purely for positioning purposes to do paths/roads or other features around static meshes (such as buildings) - I won't need the functionality of A.L.E. - just being able to load in a mesh to briefly place it and then mark out the terrain is all I need.