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Anatoly(Posted 2005) [#1]
I've been out of job for 5 months now, so I'm on a very tight budget. But I still want to make a 3d game and don't spend any additional money!
So I use (OK, there's some kind of mystery with this product, so I edited the naem out) to make meshes, and I found a way to export .X files with correct texture uv and animation! The only problem is that blitz3d doesn't support animated .x meshes?
So now my question is how do I convert .x files to .3ds???
There are bunch of tools to do exactly the opposite, but not this way...
Any suggestions?

Ricky Smith(Posted 2005) [#2]
If you're creating hierarchial mesh animation then Blitz3d does support that - the model in the Castle demo is an animated .x.
If you are creating skeletal animation and exporting as .x then you can't convert to .3ds - this format does not support bones.
The only file format that supports skeletal animation and can be used by Blitz3d is its own format .b3d.
You would have to convert the .x to .b3d using something like FragMotion or UltimateUnwrap3d. There may be a free converter in the Tool box that was designed primarily for Anim8tor.
I will be adding import of boned .x models to PaceMaker, currently it just exports.