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Gabriel(Posted 2005) [#1]
This is starting to get on my wick. I have a 3d model which is already beautifully UV mapped. Max's auto-unwrapping is totally unsuitable for this model, it makes a complete arse of it. Now the Render To Texture dialog provides an option to use an existing mapping channel, right? Great!! I'll just use that then. Off we go with a nice GI solution to bake in my lighting. Wait a few minutes, well it's high quality so that's ok. Now we'll just reapply the texture and.. WAIT A MINUTE.. it hasn't used the existing mapping channel at all. It's used some @#!*-eyed messed-up mapping that's neither the existing mapping nor the auto-unwrapping it wants to do. So I end up with a texture where things have been rendered over other things and doesn't vaguely fit the object with the current UV mapping, nor with any of the auto unwrapping variations.

Can anyone put me out of my misery ( BANG!) and tell me how to coax Max into doing what it's supposed to do here?

AdrianT(Posted 2005) [#2]
um, it should just work? But I did notice that it had the tendency to revert to channel 3 for baking on reloading your scene.

I highly recommend using something else other than the built in tools, Bakersfield. Far more intuitive and saves scene node lists for all your objects making it really easy to come back and rebake textures later.


It says Max 5, but I have been using it without consequence in 6,7 and 8

PS, depite looking a tad complicated at first glance, it's actually really simple so give it a go. I won't use anything else ;0

Gabriel(Posted 2005) [#3]
Ok, I downloaded and installed Bakersfield, but the result is the same. It renders the exact same texture, which in no way fits correctly on the mesh with the current UV mapping. And as far as I can see, no UV mapping would fix it because areas are being overlapped. I don't get it.

AdrianT(Posted 2005) [#4]
hmm, did you put a unwrap UVW on top? I started doing that for some reason that I don't remember now. But I had some problem with deep paint ages ago which I could only get around by adding a uwunwrap with chanel 2 and checking the coordinates where there.

Havent had any problems in a long time. Feel free to send me something to play with if you want.

Bob3d(Posted 2005) [#5]

I think there's a concept problem(human error ;) ), gab.

You have the uv channel number in render to texture, and whenever you apply/ make new UVs (i guess you used flatten or something with pack later, something in those lines...) using a simple UVW Unwrap modifier, the task neeed is ensure in the roll down at the right , of the unwrap modefier (yup , near the EDIT button, if I remember well) there's somewhere to put the channel number of that modifier.

Max anyway is able to mess it all in certain circumstances. There's a modifer , like clear unwrap or something, but must be used in certain way.

Check if it's something of what i said. Max render to texture tends to use the uv channel 3, but I think it allowed u to change it to whatever, it has like 99 channels.

Bob3d(Posted 2005) [#6]
basically I'mspeaking of two different things above: the unwrap modifer add at top that evak says (where u do set the uv channel number! previous to do the new uvs ) and another thing is the render to texture dialog, that is from max 5, where you tell it which channel of uvs to use. There u put that number.

Gabriel(Posted 2005) [#7]
Having investigated further, it would appear that the problem was with UV's not being imported correctly from an old ( 3ds Max 4 ) version. Oddly, the texture ( preapplied when loaded ) was applied correctly according to the UV map, but when I tried to do anything with it or reapply the texture, it was messed up. It means I have to re UV-map the whole lot, which kinda a pain, but I guess I can live with it. Thanks for trying to help me out.

Bob3d(Posted 2005) [#8]
you may be able to save and load UVs or use any uv copying script at scriptspot.com or a plugin at maxplugins.de

AdrianT(Posted 2005) [#9]
yeah unwrapUVW lets you load and save your mapping coordinates for specific channels and apply them to other objects.

Bob3d(Posted 2005) [#10]
there's even an script to have a paste over multiple objects and other combinations.

Gabriel(Posted 2005) [#11]
Yeah, but that's the problem. As soon as you do anything with the UV coordinates, they get messed up. As soon as I open the UV editor with UVWUnwrap on top of the stack, boom, the UV coordinates go wrong. I'm about 1/2 way through reUV-mapping them all. It's laborious, but I'll get there.