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RiverRatt(Posted 2005) [#1]
Hello all.
I have bin gone for a while working on my full time work, building furniture. I used to draw my prints out by hand with pencil and paper. Too slow. So I bought turbocad. Turbocad is a cad program that makes 3d objects from 2d drawings. It's an "ok" program but so complicated, it interfears with the creative thinking process.

So what I would like to do is make a program with blitz 3d that can load models, hide/show groups, trace the outlines of the objects or groups, and save screenshots that I can open in TurboCad, where I can draw dimensions. The only problem with screenshots strait from Wings is the unwanted lines conecting vertices. I just want lines on the edges and corners, that show the shape of the objects in ortho views.

So does anyone know of software that does this? Or anyone have Ideas how I could make this in blitz 3d?

Thank you for your time/ideas.

D4NM4N(Posted 2005) [#2]
If you just want an outline:
you could hide all other objects from the camera and set it to orthographic projmode, color the background white, then turn off all lights & ambient light or color the object so it appears totally black. Render the camera to an imagebuffer and save it.

If you would like a line around the edge, set up a pixel scan, and just write say a green dot on any pixel where a neibouring pixel is white

Then scan it again and replace all white pixels back to black.
and you should have just a green frame where the object was.

Commands you need to read(if you dont know em) arecameraproject*, setbuffer, imagebuffer, savebuffer, writepixel & readpixel, cameraclscolor*

(*i think its called).

Let me know how you got on, i may find this useful too :)