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D4NM4N(Posted 2005) [#1]
Whoops that title was meant to say 'New T.Ed X export and Tutorial' sorry :(.

Mabe a moderator can change it for me if i smile nicely?


T.Ed V3.2's release is imminent and now can render supertextures to .X files, so you can have the blended look in any program (that handles .X)

There is now a new tutorial page for the software at:

If you have not tried T.Ed recently you can at:

A new demo showing the new export at work, with meshes and textures at:
(theres an exe but the code needs a bit of a rewrite from DB)

I would be grateful if someone could read the 'Explaination of terms' section on the tutorial and make sure theres no mistakes (i only think i know all :)

Registered users: Ill send out the usual emails when the final 3.2 build is.. built