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Kalisme(Posted 2005) [#1]
I've been doing alot of work with animated normalmapping latley... and I've been using ORB create the normalmaps... but for some odd reason the models I use don't work right...

I place in the high polymodel... I place in the low polymodel... everything works fine... it makes the normal map... but when I go to the 3d scene... the normalmapped model turns out black! :o

I don't know where I'm going wrong... here's what I do (more in depth):
.first I create the models through AC3d
.then I export it as *.3ds and import it into milkshape
.I reduce the polygons in milkshape (or sometimes I make a
low poly model)
.Once I have the two models, I quickly get a uv map for the
low poly one, save it then reload it into milskshape
.I line the models up... so they sit on top of each other.
.I save a low poly *.obj file and a high poly *.obj model..
.I put them into ORB...
the commands used are pretty much:

ImportModel imports/high.obj imports/low.obj
SetRayHitDistance 0.4
DiffuseFormat 6
Renderbump exports/objectname

Can someone see what I'm doing wrong?
I'm confused.