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boomboom(Posted 2005) [#1]
Hi, I am making an XSI to Blitz (well just outputs it to an ascii text file, so parsers can be written in many languages) simple pipeline.

This is mainly for just Collision Geometry (with selectable types) and animated cameras and lights. Basically my current plan is to set it out like:

Collision geometry is put into a model that you want to export (CollGroup). Each object inside that model will have its own property window, where you can set the collision type number

Then when the exporter runs, it will only output the geometry in that model as collision geometry.

Same with Lights and Cameras.

AdrianT(Posted 2005) [#2]
don't know how familiar you are with the 3dsmax pipeline. But that has a ton of features supported already via a set of blitz3d extensions (assuming your doing blitz3d).

Uses a system of name tags and child node transforms for some pretty fancy features.


Would be a lot of work to add all of them, but it already supports all the stuff your talking about and has the blitz lib that could work with any 3rd party b3d output, doesn't have to be max so long as it uses the same conventions.

Doing something similar for torque at the moment.

Just an idea, as it seems like something that could be adapted to work with anyones exporter and the way it works is well documented.