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karmacomposer(Posted 2005) [#1]
Is there anyone in or near Tampa, Florida that is a decently proficient Blitz 3D coder? I would like to team up with someone and finish my world building app. If you are not local, then we could always team up via the internet. It's just easier to be in the same place to get ideas off the ground in a timely manner - I've noticed.

To be honest, all the world builders (I won't name names to be kind) I have tried (and purchased half of them) to use are too darn slow. They get incredibly bogged down and the FPS becomes terrible (like around 5FPS). I am not talking about cartography shop, which I find works great for creating objects - but not worlds. I call a level a "world".

I created a large test terrain (on the same computer as the above bogged down world creators) and filled it with many objects (houses, trees, grass, plants, etc) and the FPS never even approached 60FPS - so why was mine so much faster? The movement system was that of mouselook and the arrow keys. It was fluid and smooth.

Anyway, so I need someone who is more proficient than I to help me get this testbed idea into a fully functional app. and then possibly even create some nice games after. I already have an artist and all sound and music is covered.

Anyone interested?

Mike Felker

Amanda Dearheart(Posted 2005) [#2]
How is your world builder different from an Landscape eidtor like FLE or ALE?

Is this something like, if a person has a pre-made object he or she could just enter world coordinates to place them!

karmacomposer(Posted 2005) [#3]

Yes, the world builder will allow you to visually place the objects (3ds, x and b3d) by segements you define, or by actual typed coordinates and will have a SNAP TO feature both for grid and snap to object, etc.

My main goal is to be able to (for outside worlds) take multiple terrains and add them to your world, place objects (like things created with cartography shop - an awesome object and prefab creation tool complete with light mapping) or with the myriad programs that exist, like Plant Life or Tree Magik G2 by aliencodec, or many other content creation tools, and then place them, shape them, rotate them, scale them, etc. and be able to save each 'level' individually. You will be able to put sound fx, particle emitters, music, lights, etc in your world. Another part of the program will enable you to create your HUD or graphical GUI for the player and finally you will be able to tie in all of the above (multiple levels) into a finished entity - with custom loaders and exit animations, music, etc.

It will be very comprehensive and - above all - must not get bogged down with large worlds. That last part requires a lot of low poly objects or conversion so the detail is not so big - it's always a trade off between quality and quantity / frame rate.


karmacomposer(Posted 2005) [#4]
To add to that, there will be a semi-orthographic display (left, side, front and bird's eye) to make object placement easier and more exact. Essentially, GECKO is a whole bunch of editors that tie in together step-by-step so that the end result is a playable game for the end user.

If you have any wish lists, let me know. Also, I really am looing for a proficient coder to help make this a reality FASTER. I could probably do it alone (given several years) - but I would like to see this finished IN MY LIFETIME. LOL.

Anyone interested please ask - I could use the help.

Is this to be sold? Probably - it's a lot of hard work and the end result will be a phenomenal editor toolset that would be invaluable to Blitz3D coders and artists / level builders.


Luke.H(Posted 2005) [#5]
It sounds like what I am trying to do, but my GUI is to slow (need a new one) and I only just starting.

If it gives you any ideas:

karmacomposer(Posted 2005) [#6]
Looks good but if it is already bogging you down, then you need to rethink your GUI choice. The GUI should help, but not get in the way. I am going to download it and take it for a test run. I'll give you my opinion when I am done.


karmacomposer(Posted 2005) [#7]
Okay, I tested it out Luke. Do you want some constructive criticism?

On the plus side, I did not get any bogged down frame rate.

On the minus side, it was TOTALLY confusing to use. The mouse control, while ok, was not intuitive at all. Why restrict the user from looking down? There was no way to pitch, roll or yaw the mouse to look at other angles?

I highly suggest using diffeent camera angles for placement purposes. For example, a top down camera (looking from directly overhead) would allow for more exact placement, then a user would press a gadget to go to another window view of the same scene - just about every modelling program on the planet can do this.

Can you edit terrain with this program? Can you tell me more about your world builder?


Luke.H(Posted 2005) [#8]
Read the readme file, carefully read the controls, hotkeys because the program is not very simple (yet!)

Use ctrl and the right button on the mouse to look around.

The placement is auto using object picking so you donít need other to use other cameras. But there is a grid mode if you need it