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Sacha(Posted 2005) [#1]
Im using maya to build up my models, and it worked quite fine until now.
First problem is sometimes in wings I see stranges faces thats shouldnt exist (linking two independent faces, it happens alot with terrains (subdivided planes)) ... I believe thats because I do something in my geometry in maya that wings doesnt like (Im not using any nurbs btw, only polygonal construction). If anyone knows how to avoid that ...
Second thing is I have a problem with a model (large model, terrain, very simple and quite low poly, only quads), the .obj from maya loads well in wings, and I can see and apply materials from there, but when i export it to .3DS, i get a corrupt 1ko file <_< ... any clues on whats wrong ?

Thanks in advance for any help ! \o/

Pongo(Posted 2005) [#2]
Just a guess, but a common error is that the mesh is not a "solid" mesh. The way wings 3d works, it requires that all objects are made up of closed surfaces, and do not have any holes. (there is a way to do holes in wings, but it's a bit different than you may be used to.)

A plane would not be a "legal" object in wings, since it is only a surface, and wings would try to close the object holes when it is imported.

Sacha(Posted 2005) [#3]
It sounds like thats the reason for my first problem, and maybe causes the corrupt 3DS export mentioned in the second problem. Im trying to find a good way to close my terrain to check if the export works, thanks :)

Sacha(Posted 2005) [#4]
Yup, that was that, the 3DS works now. Thank you for your help. *Adds Pongo to thx list*
However, as my terrain is 64*64 quad faces, closing it makes 256 extra unwated faces (64 * 4 sides). Altough it didnt seemed to affect framerate, I wish I had a better way to 'close' the terrain (at least to have a clean model). Anyways, have invisible faces (alpha 0 or mask color) any influence on the performances ?

Pongo(Posted 2005) [#5]
Well,... wings is really set up to do solid models only, so this might seem a bit awkward, but here is what you can do.

1. create a "Grid" object. (This is a primitive available under the right click menu.)
2. move your points around and create new edges/verts to get what you want.
3. now select the bottom and side faces, right click and assign them the material "hole" They will now be colored blue in wings.
4. now export the model,... any faces with the hole material will not be exported and you will have just the plane you want.

note: if you then import the mesh back into wings, you will again have a non-legal mesh, since it is no longer a closed mesh.

Hope that helps.

Bob3d(Posted 2005) [#6]
"note: if you then import the mesh back into wings, you will again have a non-legal mesh, since it is no longer a closed mesh.

Hope that helps"

but looks to me in xxxx29 it's dealing well with that, making hole material where it found a prob , instead of the feared "all separated" horror....