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D4NM4N(Posted 2005) [#1]
Is it any good?. Its just that I HATE HATE HATE the truespace UI! It would be nice to see low cost program that feels like 3dmax (which is a dream to use), but most of us probably only want 10% of its features and 4000 quid is as steep as mayan steps.

Ross C(Posted 2005) [#2]
I used to work with someone who said gamespace was pretty cool to work with. The animation was supposidly good too. But, i didn't use it, so i can't really vouch for it, sorry :o)

wizzlefish(Posted 2005) [#3]
Look at gmax. A small version of 3dsmax.

I've used gamespace. Hate the UI.

shamanenCoder(Posted 2005) [#4]

gamespace1.6 or truespace6.6 + gamepak1.6 rocks!

i have spend some time do search for a solution for the exportproblem (bones...)
first i use the gamespace1.6 and gamespace1.1...both demo.

this formats are very usefull (for me):
.ms3d ... export correct, vertex, bones, material(only diffuse), no vertexanim!

.x ... export correct, vertex,bones,material/texture/color,vertexanim ... vertexcolor i can't use it...why?

models with bones only single mesh works...
no vertexanim
no correct export textcoord...

(i think this is only that they can write that gamepak/gamespace can export b3d)

it's bad but you can use .x and convert it with milkshape or ultimate unwrap3d...or other progs which can import .x and export .b3d

this are my first experiences with gamepak/gamespace.

i love truespace...and some plugins ...

Alienforce(Posted 2005) [#5]
Does export .x work for you with animation ?


shamanenCoder(Posted 2005) [#6]
yes bones and ... i search for the word... mmmh my bad english...argh!...vertex animation is also possible.

i'm testing yet facepainting ... very cool thing ...
.x export ok ... import not work

!note: save in .cob format to achiv your work

Falelorn(Posted 2005) [#7]
I agree the TrueSpace UI sucks, but for some reason I got into gameSpace, and after playing with the UI, customizing it some, I LOVE it now, and GS is good.

Alienforce(Posted 2005) [#8]
How can i use Vertex animation with blitz??

also a happy Gamespace user :)


JKP(Posted 2005) [#9]
You can use the light version for free:

The light version limits you to 650 polygons I think. There are some other limitations not mentioned until you try to use the relevant feature.

I already tried it and did not like it. It seems slow and buggy, and the interface is overly complicated. That's just my opinion though.

shamanenCoder(Posted 2005) [#10]
hi @all!

so i think humans are very different and programs too... ~:o) ... gamespace1.6/gamepak+truespace6.6 are powerful tools for our creativity...and our dreams...


is this vertex animation wenn you move turn scale and so on ... a model? or is this a bad failure by my?...i use this vor mechanical simulation... .x format save it correctly, but only export...the import filter is not included in the gamepak, i think also not in gamespace.

x format are not correctly imported in all versions... only model/color/texture (i think) are correctly imported.


it is true that truespace has a little few windows...but use the dock all panels or close all panels button.


you must know for using gamespace/truespace is

LEFT MB = all actions
RIGHT MB = all infos/extra tools/vertex edit/model infos...

always autosave activated! save different version of our work...i also use top menu...

we use caligari over and over testing and is very stable on our pc's...maybe clean your system.

attention! plugins can make gamespace/truespace buggy ... some of them ;-)

... for the future i work on a tutorial ... using gamespace/truespace with blitz/ultimate unwrap3d and some other tools...interested?


Zenman(Posted 2005) [#11]
I'm using TS6.6 with gamepac 1.6.

I use to think the UI sucked but took the time to get to understand the method behind the madness and found I was a lot more productive then any other package I used. I really enjoy using it for box modelling characters. It has a tool which allows you to draw a polygon on a polygon which makes adding cool features( horns, ears, eyes, arms, legs...) a piece of cake. Draw the shape and extrude and scale. Download the video 3D Buzz Video Training Modules it shows how simple it can be to create and animate. I don't know if Max improved character shop but I found creating bones inside a mesh to be a pain. I TS I found it to be fun. Every tool has it's flaws but if you get to know the interface you might wonder why they all don't use TS style UI's.

Red Ocktober(Posted 2005) [#12]
yeah... i just got 5.2 and the ui is kickin my ua...

hey Zenman... can you export those talking heads with the gamepac... to x or anything else?



Erroneouss(Posted 2005) [#13]
Get the free version of Truespace 3.2 and its good
for animating. Otherwise it sucks horribly....

Zenman(Posted 2005) [#14]
Talking, walking , running and dead heads export to .x and .b3d. I don't use .x much but I tried and the animation played fine in Ultimate Unwrap3D. The .x export has settings on the export the key sitting I found is to uncheck save as a single mesh. Like any software it has issues but a mesh thats been built and boned correctly seems to export fine as .x. I've used Max C4D and others and they all have issues. I haven't had any real problem exporting to .b3d. For the price I paid $299 to get 6.6 and game pac on sale it's the best buy I've made. Check out some of the videos they have on their site and you will see how the UI works for modeling and animating.

Red Ocktober(Posted 2005) [#15]


Zenman(Posted 2005) [#16]
If you want to use Facial Animator you should download this program if you have a mic on your machine. You can record your own voice text wav files with it and use them with it.

Linguistic Information Sound Editing Tool. You can find it at the Microsoft download center.

Red Ocktober(Posted 2005) [#17]
double thx... will take a look