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Phillip(Posted 2005) [#1]
Is there a freeware 3D modeler & renderer for download?

If so, list them with their site link, plz.

boomboom(Posted 2005) [#2]

scribbla(Posted 2005) [#3]
issue 61 of 3D world has a full working copy of Truespace 4.3 on the cover theres a truespace converter in specs & Utils

not free but not bad for the price of a mag

Bob3d(Posted 2005) [#4]
Lol , I purcahsed it long ago for 70$, not bad...Blender tends to be better, though.

Nice booleans.

Phillip(Posted 2005) [#5]
Blender is NOT what I am looking for..nice program, but it crashes whenever I open the it is obviously buggy.

Seriously, is there any other 3D Modeler/Renderer that is FREEWARE & is actually of some use?

fall_x(Posted 2005) [#6]
povray (not a modeller, just a renderer)

I believe the free older version of truespace is also downloadable from their website, but I don't feel like lookinf gor it now, sorry.

Pongo(Posted 2005) [#7]

Those are my top 3 choices,... freeware or non-freeware when it comes to modeling.

Rook Zimbabwe(Posted 2005) [#8]
Rhino... oh free??? nothing works like Rhino sorry! Use your student discount and get a job to save the rest.

boomboom(Posted 2005) [#9]
Rook, But Rhino is a nurbs modeler. Which is completely useless for games stuff?

I would reccomend silo3d

puki(Posted 2005) [#10]
Actually, I get loads of free stuff from PC magazines (as mentioned by "Tiler"). You can end up with something for free that someone else paid a few hundred for a year earlier. Not the latest version, but a lot better than chopped liver.

Bob3d(Posted 2005) [#11]
" Blender is NOT what I am looking for..nice program, but it crashes whenever I open the it is obviously buggy."

It should NOT easily one of the most stable out there, in Mac OSX, Linux and Win...

Are you totally sure you have well installed your graphic card drivers, etc... ?

"Seriously, is there any other 3D Modeler/Renderer that is FREEWARE & is actually of some use?"

"free stuff from PC magazines"
Totally true. I got Cinema4D 5, 6 ....The 6 is really nice for free. Only render is restricted to 640x480...but think a bit...It would allow to render sprites of ...well, strategy and rol cames from isometric view never have a tile, sprite, not even if output the buildings fully, bigger than 640x480.Imho, a great deal.

Truespace 3.2 free at the site is nice, too. Much better, of course, is the 4.3 given free now in mags.

Amorphium1 was given free in Digit mag issue, long ago.I purchased it for quite some money, a lot of time before...and I purchased the TS 4.3 for a bargain price. All which I am mentioning are nice, but beware that deals like bryce (I had one with a mag) , Poser (also) , are specialized tools. Only to characters, only environments...

I don't see any huge advantage in Silo (apart from Topology brush, but I "topologize" quite freely with nice winged edge Wings n-gons) respect to Wings3d.Seriously, I think it keeps the best modeler around. I have seen what Modo and Silo does, and I have a purchased Zbrush, Amorphium, Softy3d, Organica...hmmm...nah. Wings3d rulez. :P

You have also metasequoia modeler, and Blender can come nice if you are a *really* patient person.But lately, patience is something today's life does not allow much ;) Is nobody's fault...Blender also gets doing stuff, that never is highend quality totally, by faking what it can do..That's the part I like less. Other than that, we'r in indy world, so this should not be a matter to worry that much: gfx tend to be OK quality, rarely more, and enough to make great sells, for what I have been seing for years. Indeed, otherwise the time and effort wont worth it.

In fact: ANY of the tools mentioned (of course, including Blender) do a great work. But whichever, the issue is to learn it ;)

My personal advice: if u'r after just rendering, modelling, etc, a bit of all, for RTS games, I'd say : Buy Poser, even an ancient version of it, or better, get like a poser 4(ideally), or 3, with a magazine.use poser for characters. use Anim8or for props and clothes for characters (u usually dont needda be as accurate as usual, it's for a 72 pixels tall sprite, or a bit bigger. Prerendered stuff, I mean) as well as buildings, etc. Some person is doing a very nice one fully with anim8or. Imho rigging and animating is easier with poser, I'd leave anim8or only for beasts, and that.

If u're after a mario 3d, a 3d platformer or typical b3d game, go for Wings3d+Character Fx+ Ultimate unwrap, "the golden pack" ;) .

if u're only doing an invaders or mech game in 3d, heck, anything would do...I mean Milkshape, or Anim8or + Ultimate Unwrap... Wings3D alone, even(as *.3ds would suffice, and probably wing3d autoUv)... adn any 2d retouching package (gimp, photoplus free, etc,etc,etc )

If u're into an accurate sports game where near shots are shown and feet positions needda be seen steady in positions, etc, my advice would be...well u can do a tennis game with CFX, perfectly, just it'll make it better an XSI foundation, but u need quite some 3d knowledge to not sink in that boat ;)

GameSpace from Caligari seems to be a great entry product, for a not too much experienced artist. And hardcore guy from the field, would not even ask, hehe ;) just would be already buying XSI... ;) ...or using Blender, if more of an open source lover or just no money. :-S