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ragtag(Posted 2004) [#1]
This is a little aimed at Bob3D, as I know he uses this tool.

How do you go about creating and saving out alpha channels from openCanvas. I had played around with the demo for a while, and finally decided to buy it. The layers obviously have transperency, but it's not saved when using any other format than .oci. Should I create the alpha manually and save it out seperately, so I can later combine it with the image in GIMP? Or is there an easier way.


Bob3d(Posted 2004) [#2]
Much easier, but u'll still need Gimp.And anyway, you will notice how any of those fantastic painters: Pixia,Painter 7, Open canvas (what I use is the old free beta, but I have tested deeply I think in last job the 3.x demo) will actually need to be combined with Gimp (or way better, adobe 7.01 ir ur so lucky.)

The method: export as PSD

End. :)


I mean, now open the psd in Gimp 2.0x, and I'm 99% sure the alpha channel will be perfectly there :)

PNG cannot port an alpha supports transparency, very different to alpha another job, we based all in 2d, and java. And yep, java apps use to have great support of that...but usually game engines eat better the alpha old channel. besides, I keep liking to be able to edit in rgb the greys, and b/w of the channel as a bitmap, gives loads of more of flexibility if actually needed.

That is, u need Gimp just for openning and saving to tga, which I recommend. But only that.No combine or nothing. though for use an alpha channeled thing in Ultimate Unwrap, u need to extract as a bmp the channel, and load in its slot in uu, or at least, i could not make the tga work with its channel in it...go guess..

But ur actual question is just what I told u :)

Hope that it helped...

yes, oci is native of open canvas.... and dunno of any converter for that...

bTW, what i use is the free 72 beta. All in japanese and all...

And that when I don't feel in the mood of using the blinking undo of Pixia, or the non pressure sensivity of Gimp...or the limioted set of tools, and a bit slower performance in stroke of art rage...

Sometimes I think I could just use my Zbrush or deep paint3d in 2d mode, but I don't really feel well with them for plain 2d.

Nope, nothing like open canvas, for me...wether the older or the new one...

Well, nothing better than an staedletter 2B ... ;)

ragtag(Posted 2004) [#3]
I was a little quick to post instead of RTFM. :)

Thanks for the reply. I got it working fine through PSD and GIMP. I did send a mail to the author of Xnview suggesting that he add support for .oci maybe we'll get a converter there.

So far I'm very happy with openCanvas, having just used the proper version for one day. I read through the manual, and found it had lots more functions than I knew about, and lots of handy keyboard shortcuts for adjusting the tools (brush size, swtiching brushes, etc.). Seems like a good choice for those of us who can't afford Photoshop, or just don't care to spend that much money on a paint app.