Realsoft ver 5 has new powerful UV mapping tools!

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ahobbit(Posted 2004) [#1]
Check it out on their website.

Here's what they have to say about their new UV Editing tools:

"Version 5 introduces a completely new solution for uv editing, namely the UV-Set object.

UV-Set is a new powerful object for defining UV coordinates and material attributes for subsets of SDS objects. The power stems from the fact that the UV-set object is derived from the SDS object itself. Many of the tools available for editing SDS objects are now also available for UV editing. Managing UV-coordinates is now as easy and powerful as editing the actual SDS objects itself."

Here's what another cg website had to say about Realsoft v. 5:
"[Version 5 includes a] Radically improved UV editing toolkit featuring a new, object hierarchy based UV object, which lets you split model geometry into an arbitrary number of overlapping or separate surface areas. UV objects layer locally and efficiently an unlimited number of textures, shaders and vertex channels."

One drawback to this application is that it doesn't sound like it supports many 3D formats for exporting (.obj is supported though).

Unfortunately, the website does not have version 5 available for a free download yet (only version 4.5). [Edit] the version 5 download will be available in December.

Shifty Geezer(Posted 2005) [#2]
I own Realsoft; have done for several years. It's modelling tools are very good but it's use in Realtime modelling is very limited. It exports 3ds suitable for direct loading into BlitzBasic, but it either crums the UV coords or models or something because texture maps don't map correctly.

This is an expensive app if you just want a modeller, though a nice quality ray-tracer.