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boomboom(Posted 2004) [#1]

$109 (60)

Hi, just letting everyone know that Silo 1.3 has just been released. If anyone is wanting to get into modeling or streamline thier art making then try this program.

The new tool in this version is called the Topology Brush, which lets you draw over the top of a really high poly mesh and it generates your drawing into polys. Very good for games work.

I may even do a tutorial on character modeling using silo if anyones intrested.

GameCoder(Posted 2004) [#2]
I would be very interested in a tutorial on character modeling using silo booboom.

This new feature of silo looks cool also.

Picklesworth(Posted 2004) [#3]
Oh good, I'd been hoping for that feature :)

JaviCervera(Posted 2004) [#4]
This modeller looks totally awesome. I've been using the Learning Version, and considering to purchase the full version. Probably the best one at its price range.

GameCoder(Posted 2004) [#5]

Just thought I'd give my bit on the new Topology Brush.

This new tool is awesome. I took a very high poly model (5000 poly's)I bought from Turbosquid and used the topology brush to make it a low poly ( 1200 poly's ) model. I was then able to reduce the polycount of it even more.

I would still be interested in boombooms character modeling using silo tutorial. If the tutorial was to use subdivided meshes that would still be cool.

Bob3d(Posted 2004) [#6]
the topology brush seems cool, yep but...

Jedive, have you learned Wings3d ?
Dunno, I model everything with it, and didn't have a good feeling with Silo...

But I reached a conclussion...Silo is better for achitecture and levels...while imo wings is better for organic...Maya people, or maya-like people, tend to feel better with it.

I don't know I have modelled everything with Wings3d, and is just so good...

But hey, the topology brush feature could be useful.

JaviCervera(Posted 2004) [#7]
I a a really crappy modeller, but yes, I played with wings an I like it a lot. My knowledge of Wings helped me with Silo... what were your bad feeling?

Gabriel(Posted 2004) [#8]
Got any before and after pics, Amon? Sounds interesting.

Bob3d(Posted 2004) [#9]
well, jedive...
an less inmediate interface, and way less focused to organic...several of the Wings advantages out of it... Well... I was testing it for a pair of days, and was finally convinced about this conclussion...Anyway, to each his own...

I think there's too much hype with Silo and Zbrush(I have 1.55b), but each one has got to pick what he/she feels mor ecomfortable with...

And offtopic, but good luck, as allways, with Century... :)

JaviCervera(Posted 2004) [#10]
Offtopic again: Thanks Bob3d, we won the Best Graphics Award at the ArtFutura'04 Show (organized by Sony) with Century :).

Edwin SI(Posted 2004) [#11]
although there's an almost idiotic hype about is compared to 1.55b MUCH better.
Although the new interface is a bit complicated compared to the former.