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Akat(Posted 2004) [#1]

can u guys look at this... is that possible to make B3D pipeline be used within GMax? i tried before... the viewer, maps can do fine (except the exporter) which is i think with a lil' bit of 'work', it can be transfered into GMax... about the licensed fee i think, we as B3D community can 'share' the amount and pay them easily (just think - but 400 per license a bit nasty though)

Bob3d(Posted 2004) [#2]
no need of license.

You can use gmax exports for comercial projects, allways that you don't break the eula. that is, you dont crack it or invent a hack. There's an md3 export plugin, md3 has the limit of 8192 tris, enough for characters, there's Drago's library but maybe single piece md3 wont work.

If u use that one (not tempest md3, but mojo.gmaxsupport.com md3 plugin) or any existing Gmax gamepak which either has a comercial limitation, then ur free to use it comercially.I have read in several discreet replies at oficial gmax forums. Also at Dbpro forums from someone which contacted. Indeed, there's nothing against it in their eula. but remember, if you use something to overcome the maxscript listener, you're breaking the eula.

BTW, a gmax paid b3d filter would rock. but maybe mention to Discreet, perhaps they can get it done free to earn new users, I dunno.