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VIP3R(Posted 2004) [#1]
Is it possible to load a .3ds mesh into Blitz3D and paint a texture onto it?

I've tried but it just paints the mesh in flat colour.

Also tried converting the .3ds mesh to .b3d then adding a texture but I get the same flat colour.

What is preventing the texture being mapped onto the mesh?

GfK(Posted 2004) [#2]
What is preventing the texture being mapped onto the mesh?
Lack of UV data. See VertexU/V/W in command ref.

VIP3R(Posted 2004) [#3]
I've setup the UV data in the modeller.

It works fine now, thanks Dave :)

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2004) [#4]
Some apps don't have perfect UV Mapping tools, in that case try Lithunwrap:

VIP3R(Posted 2004) [#5]
I'm using Wings3D, it seems to UV map correctly.

I tried LithUnwrap, exporting .obj (to keep the colour info) from Wings but LithUnwrap v1.3 wouldn't load the .obj files.

Probably need the new licensed version for that?

Anyway, thanks for the info jfk :)

Bob3d(Posted 2004) [#6]

hope u're doing export.. from wings, and not "export selected"

also, the could be is uber small, or uber huge, once loaded in lith.

can't remember, I used lith a lot, but I have unwrap3d since it was born... I think ..u could also in lith 1.3 click on uv mapping window, ctrl+a to select all, and in 3d window (ithad it already...? yes...) ctrl+f, as that fits all mesh/meshes to window.So if there's something u'll see it correctly.

BTW, if u only did material colors, or vertex colors, and no autouv, u don't have uv mapping, so nothing can show in uv editing window (yes in 3d window, do how I told u) , perhaps only a small dot or square in the UV space, top left coner, that becomes red when u hit ctrl a.

you can create the uv mappings in lith or Ultimate, but that can't be told in 20 threads.

VIP3R(Posted 2004) [#7]
I used export (not selected) in Wings but LithUnwrap gave some error saying the .obj file couldn't be loaded or was unrecognized.

The UV mapping works fine in Wings though so I'm happy using that, although I lose the vertex colouring when exporting as .3ds