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Vorderman(Posted 2004) [#1]
Does anyone know of a decent and free AVI / MPG / DIVX recorder that I can use to record a small vid of my Blitz Tokamak ragdoll rider guy crashing his motorbike?

I'd like you all to see the effect but I don't want to put up a demo yet.

I tried FRAPS from this months PC Zone (or PC Gamer), but it has no option for resolution and produces an 88mb file for a 10 second video clip.

What I want is a small 320x200 or something vid, compressed to 1mb or so, of perhaps 10 to 20 seconds in length.


Beaker(Posted 2004) [#2]
Can't you convert the video produced in Fraps? I doubt you will be able to do too much conversion/compression on the fly.

Difference(Posted 2004) [#3]
Yes, get http://virtualdub.org/ and convert your FRAPS video with that.

Caff(Posted 2004) [#4]
You might need to use a encoding codec like divx or xvid to compress the video to a small size.

Vorderman(Posted 2004) [#5]
OK, there's a new version of Fraps that I didn't have, so I'll try that tonight along with the virtualdub thing.

thanks everyone.