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AntonyWells(Posted 2004) [#1]
Just wondering if anyone has any idea if/how I can create dummy pivots in metaseq?

I have my first room going, I know how to do seperate surfaces, materials etc, learning as I go..but I can't seem to find anything to create pivots, or move objects to set up the scene.

Is meta stricly for making props, not actuallying making a scene of some sorts? If it is, can anyone suggest something for 'placing' stuff in my scene? (Even if it's commercial. I want quality, not dodgy ;) )

Bob3d(Posted 2004) [#2]
in wings, you have move, scale to bounding box.

In meta, you have grid and grid to snap , you may make use of that.

I dunno what U mean with pivots.

BTW, never, EVER think a software is bad 'cause u don't know how to handle it ;) ;)

I have seen some japanese doing incredible characters and airplanes with it.

You can set units in absolute coords, or relative coords, where u can set the amount exact you want to move , that in move options.

or...If you work with grid snap (in edit options, right click on that button, will let u set the interval of the grid cells)

to see the grid, you have to activate pressing th ebuttons the XY , XY, ZX if u view rolling left menu.

If u're using LE (for example, in case u don't have Ultimate unwrap for mqo) u can use Edit Panels in panels menu. So to move restringing to an axe , very useful.
(also, rotate, scale)

To activate the grid, press the grid button, and right click to change grid values.

if u used shift menu command to align min x value to 0, and then start building making coincident the grid cells with the snapped movements.

Max is less dodgy, but is er..well, a bit more expensive XD