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Roccia(Posted 2004) [#1]
Hi everybody!

I'm experimenting with Gamespace 1.5 since it could be a good solutions for my needs at its price.

Actually I've create a plane and I want to animate it to reflect sea movements.

how do I proceed?
I've tried to create a 20 frames animation, just moving the scene animation slider bar to position 20 and then moving plane's vertices to the desidered location.

If I press the play button, the plane anims as it should in GameSpace.
If I select the plane object and export it in .x format or .b3d format (I've chosen to export animation info from preferences panel) I only get the static mesh without animation when I load it in Blitz3D (with LoadAnimMesh).

If I export it in .x format, it simply doesn't animate.
If I export it in .b3d format, I get a runtime error on Animate command (object doesn't have animation error)

Can anyone help me?


Bob3d(Posted 2004) [#2]

I just have ts4.3, but I have never used more than some minutes.

maybe... Are you having autokeyframe on (I don't remember if that was in TS (very similar to gamespace, i suppose))

You could try to hit the keyframing button on each frame you make a change.

BUT...could be that what you're doing is a mesh without bones...and probably, to export any animation, b3d exporter and x exporter, need it to have bones.

If not, maybe you are exporting as dx7 file, but that wouldn't explain the b3d error.

Maybe is that, add a root bone (a single joint/bone, I mean) , and rotate or translate the object moving or rotating the only one bone (which had to have the envelope covering rigidly all the verts in the mesh, of course) to handle the mesh and make the animation.

But is a shot in the dark; I don't even remember demo-testing Gamespace.

Roccia(Posted 2004) [#3]
Thanks Bob3d for your reply.

Actually I haven't any bone so this should be the problem.

I will try it now!

Red Ocktober(Posted 2004) [#4]
you can use a series of keyframes with or without bones and make an animation that can be saved and rerun...

i've used something called puppeteer in TS4.3 to get boned anims running..

alternatively, since 3drad doesn't accept bone animations, i've used hierarchical models and moved each part for each keyframe to get a hierarchical animated model...

both will work (with 4.3 at least... they should also work with GS)

good luck