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SabataRH(Posted 2004) [#1]
Aliencodec tightens it's belt and prepairs to add another arsenal to it's ever-growing chain of treemaking utilities.

If all goes as planned, the long awaited release of TreemagikG2 (treemagik generation 2) will be on 8/21/04; that's tommorow if your reading this on friday ( the latest release date would be 8/23/04)

Some info:
-) Demo will be available on release
-) Treemagik pro users will be able to upgrade for a fraction of G2's srp.
-) TreemagikG2 srp is $54.00
-) TreemagikG2 will include LeafMagikDesigner as a free bonus.
-) Treemagik plus and classic users will not be allowed to upgrade.
-) Dual payment options will become available.
-) Trees may be used in commerical or freeware apps.
-) For the first time ever! - an optional royalty-free license will be available allowing tree designers to package and sell tree bundles made with G2.

I'll post the product features in the morning.

Here's a sample output screen to wet your appetites..

N(Posted 2004) [#2]
You sure have come a long way from your really quite horrendous first trees, good work and I look forward to seeing this in action.

SabataRH(Posted 2004) [#3]
Just waiting on the 'buy' accounts to go live ( could be monday )...

Heres the web readout for the product.

Product Information:
Our flagship product, Designed around the successful TreemagikPro, Treemagik-G2 offers
the tree builder a new level of creation control. Limitless creations are at your fingertips!

No longer are tree designers limited to prefabricated trunk mesh and leaf chunk designs,
TreemagikG2 offers the designer an easy approach to building unique tree designs. By
simply adjusting certain slider bars; the trees in the editor contorts to the new shape in
realtime. TreemagikG2 offers control to every aspect of the tree creation process;
poly count, texture detail, texture creation, tree detail and more!

If you have a need for 3d-polygonal mesh trees; rather it be for games creation,
presentations, landscape design or simply for the fun factor - then TreemagikG2
is a product you cannot afford to pass up!

Compared to other tree making tools, TreemagikG2 is the most cost efficent solution
for the 3d-developer at the same time producing high quality tree-mesh models.

Features at a glance:

-) Create high quality tree models at low-poly counts.
-) Unique and easy to use GUI system.
-) Control of every aspect of the building process.
-) Create your own leaf textures using the included 'LeafDesigner' studio. (screenshot)
-) Completely customizable GUI and real-time preview mode.
-) Average tree consists of 230 - 320 polys!
-) Export to X, OBJ, LWO, SMD, ASC(3dmax), TXT(milkshape), DBO(darkbasicPro), B3D, RAW, WRL, TM2
-) Easy to you 'Version Check' feature allows for fast product updating.
-) Flawlessly Save and reload your creations for future editing.
-) Unlimited updates and support for the entire 'G2 version' life-span.
-) More media included than any other Treemagik product to date!
-) Commerical and Freeware license included as standard usage.
-) For the first time ever ! - an optional royalty-free license is available allowing tree designers to package
and sell tree bundles made with G2.
-) Room for expansion - TreemagikG2's new modular design allows for easy updates to future versions.
-) TreemagikG2 supports masking, alpha, mipmapping and uv scaling.
-) Photo-realistic bark, leaf and limb textures included.
-) Import your own texture files or use the included media..
-) Much, much more !!

Edwin SI(Posted 2004) [#4]
I noticed the shop and demo are up.
When can TMPro users expect a mail for the upgrade?

SabataRH(Posted 2004) [#5]
Hi Edwin SI,

Just login to your old TreemagikPro account, you'll find all the upgrade info there. Thanks!

Edwin SI(Posted 2004) [#6]
Righto, thx alot