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CyBeRGoth(Posted 2004) [#1]

I recently saw this example of vertex alpha:

"Vertex Alpha Demo: Texture Transition"


It is just about 1/2 down the screen.

Anyway I am just wondering if anyone has done something similar but in 3ds max using vertex paint and the b3d pipeline plugins? I have tried but just cant get it to look like the example that world creator coded, having never used vertex alpha before I am at a bit of a loss :)


Here are some shots from the game Lineage 2 which has the option to turn off and on texture filtering, which shows pretty well what I am trying to achieve and avoid :)

Maybe it doesent need vertex alpha at all?


Beaker(Posted 2004) [#2]
You will have to use vertex alpha (as ALE does).

Maybe you should consider using ALE or ask about b3dpipeline/max on the b3dpipeline forum:

@rtur(Posted 2004) [#3]
vertex alpha means double poly count for each texture?
How this is done in ale?

Beaker(Posted 2004) [#4]
It doesn't mean double. You don't use polys where the texture doesn't appear at all. That's what ALE does. Quite clever.