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Wayne(Posted 2004) [#1]
Buddy of mine sent me a model in 3ds format.
Loads into wings3d fine.
Tries to load into lithunwrap but model has 155 materials, and 128 is liths limit.

I know the model doesn't need all those materials.
I selected all the faces in wings and assigned them to material zero. How can I get rid of the other materials that are not needed ?

thank you for any help .

big10p(Posted 2004) [#2]
You can right-click on the materials in the 'outliner' window and select 'delete'. Might take you some time if there's that many materials, though. :P

I'm not 100% clued-up with Wings so there may be a quicker way, I dunno.

Bob3d(Posted 2004) [#3]
don't use 3ds. Specially if is just to export from wings to lithm there's no need. Use obj.Trust me, I have been suing both fo ryears a lot.

quicker way to delete materials, in the left panel, if for example, the material to keep is the first one, select the second, and pres supr.You can hit suppr like if u were playing invaders, and u'll have the materials deleted in some seconds ;)
oh...SORRY. You meant in wings...and I was thinking in Lith...and I don't remember if Lith had the material list Ultimate Unwrap (comercial lith) have...

-you should not need so many objects, not so many materials to do a game mesh. I'm certain on this-

-your friend must learn to attach pieces, or model from single piece too.

-beware, sometimes is an imported model...wings some times brakes a model in pieces in import;some modelling features inothe rsoftwares are not understood by wings, and it brake per face.I don't think is the case, though.

In the past, I had more time, and the 100% of this errors I ealized was just not knowing well how wings works by th euser. not your fault, is something that happens. I used to ask for the file , and give it back with a txt explaining what was wrong...I have not that time anymore... :( advice...asign the only one material to the faces you want, or more new materials if u need (I use materials in wings to port selections to Lith) and don't worry about the others. You'll easily and quickly delete in Lith as I explained , ok?

Wayne(Posted 2004) [#4]
yes, thank you.
I managed to load 3ds into zmodeler and easily delete the unwanted materials.

Thanks for the reply you guys.