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MadJack(Posted 2004) [#1]
Ok, I'm lazy and can't be bothered reviewing past posts, but there's a sale in this question - what's the best/fastest/most flexible Blitz particle system available for purchase?

boomboom(Posted 2004) [#2]
particle time i need to make particles i will be down the $50

Gabriel(Posted 2004) [#3]
best : Particle Candy
Fastest : Particle Candy
Most Flexible : Particle Candy

Wanna guess what I recommend?

$50?? I only paid 16 for it.. which is less than $30 US.

boomboom(Posted 2004) [#4]
USD 29.87

well smack my pony and call me sally....

MadJack(Posted 2004) [#5]
That'll be $60 NZ dollars then.

So we're all in agreement then? Particle Candy?

Any other bidders?

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#6]
Go with Particle Candy man! You wont be sorry! I just purchased it just yesterday for my egyptian level:

Click here to see!!

MadJack(Posted 2004) [#7]
Bidding closing, closing ... gone.

Sold to Particle Candy.


Ice9(Posted 2004) [#8]
I'm writng a particle creation system for particle candy atm

boomboom(Posted 2004) [#9]
cool arbitrage. make sure you announce that loud and proud. i was considering making one myself, but a nice GUI on partical candy would be sugery (Candy Factory, a possible name)

jhocking(Posted 2004) [#10]
I think Particle Candy is pretty cool, but I do want to bring this orgy of Particle Candy lovin' back down to earth. Unless your game has LOTS of hardcore realistic particle effects, there are a plethora of really good free particle systems floating around. $30 may not be a whole lot, but it is a lot to drop for something if you don't need it.

MadJack(Posted 2004) [#11]

That's a good point

But I do want to use it for battlefield fx (i.e. lots of smoke plumes, explosions mixed with lots of units, extensive AI) so I'm prepared to spend for the speed it appears to deliver.

It also appears to be well documented and professional.

Filax(Posted 2004) [#12]
Try the FREE eole EPS

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#13]
The EPS particle system comes with an editor already and is very decent indeed! The only problem with Eole's EPS particle system is that when you go to export to Blitz Code, The editor only exports the commands and parameters settings only!! It should export a complete working Blitz Code to be able to run immediately in the Blitz editor! When you export your setting to Blitz code, It should be a complete working program with complete source!! The EPS Particle System doesn't do this! This was the only disappointing thing about it! But other than that, It's a decent free particle system though ;)

Ricky Smith(Posted 2004) [#14]

It should be a complete working program with complete source!!

I think its perfect as it is - it just exports the bits you need - why have a complete bit of code when you are going to have to cut & paste the bits you want into your own code anyway ? You can see the effect directly in the editor. I would definetely recommend the EPS particle system if speed is not a great issue but ease of use is.

For pure speed though a single-surface system like Particle Candy is better. Probably buy it when an Editor appears. I can't be arsed working out all the parameters manually.

aCiD2(Posted 2004) [#15]
Im also making an editor for Particle Candy, how is yours going arbitage? mine uses a treeview control for all of the functions, with float nodes and such to change parameters. Supports multiple particle types on the emitter aswell, only need to make it apply the parameters and also make it export code. Im using Xlnt GUI aswell, what you using? :)

MadJack(Posted 2004) [#16]

Great - now that I've been working with PCandy for a couple of weeks, I'm finding it a real pain trying to get just the right fx through manually typing new parameters.

Ice9(Posted 2004) [#17]
Since Particle candy only allows 10 particle types on an
emitter I'm using a tab view with textbox and spinners
for the parameters. A few things I'm still working on
though; trail particles and being able to load particles
from a source code file

Rob(Posted 2004) [#18]
you can make unlimited emmitters though.

Ice9(Posted 2004) [#19]
I'm using it to build effects in my game
that's it nothing more. 10 to an emitter
is plenty and one emitter works fine for most

MadJack(Posted 2004) [#20]

How's the frontend going (hint,hint)?

jhocking(Posted 2004) [#21]
Try Noel's particle system Lotus (available in the toolbox I think.) It has a visual editor for the particle effects (courtesy of acid,) is single surface, and is free.

MadJack(Posted 2004) [#22]

Too late - I went the Particle Candy avenue.