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AvestheFox(Posted 2004) [#1]

I happen to just stumble upon this little shareware program... though it's a little dos'sy it's exelent it what it can do.. I incourage anyone to check it out! B)

Shambler(Posted 2004) [#2]
I've used it before, it is very easy to use but not fast enough for really large worlds.

AvestheFox(Posted 2004) [#3]
Perhaps not... but you can always just make small segments of those worlds and make each segment like a diferent level or something.... I plan on doing something like that when I get into designing some VRML worlds.. though that's not Blitz related, it's still pretty cool

popcade(Posted 2004) [#4]
AC3D *IS* a really nice modelling program since v2.x.

Very easy for modelling a charactor or smapp maps, works well with .X export, I usually export model to MilkShape for further Animating/Editing.