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Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#1]
Hi All...

I've been thinking about purchasing CS4.1, But I still have
a few questions before doing so!

I've tried a demo of it.. But I don't see anything in the
demo relating to that of CSG Geometry as far as carving or
hollowing objects in the demo version! I kinda' wanted to
be able to try these features out first before I made the
purchase to determine if it will work for me! So far...
I like everything else in CS4.1 except I dont see the above
mentioned features as the website so claims of it! Does anybody know if Josh has updated the demo on that site to include the carve & hollow features in the demo on that site?!? Secondly here... I've been reading on these forums
from some of the users on here about issues with CS4.1
From what I've tried, I havn't had any problems with it so
far!! Besides the screenshots on the GameCreators website of what CS4.1 can do... Can anybody point me in a direction
to other peoples websites where they used CS4 to make a game or games with it!! I would like to view other peoples work and maybe play some demos of their work that they have done with CS4. And thirdly here...

Would any of you recommend CS4.1 or would you recommend another for purchase?!

I have another project I must do, and I need a map editor
that is already ready to go! Im' still working on the QoolEdit world builder at the moment... But it's not far enough along to be able to use as of yet! So I really do need a fairly decent map maker for this current project!

Many thanks in advance to all who reply!

IPete2(Posted 2004) [#2]

I have been using Cartography Shop for a variety of tasks since - well since before it was released. It is a great product, but it does have some 'features' which some people don't like and others love. The latest version certainly does have hollow - and it is so easy you won't believe it!

Drag a box, click create, select hollow, answer how many units? 2 and voila, one hollow box!

Heres some piccies of a little Egyptian level I have been playing with:


Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#3]
Ok! I'll be waiting to view them too!

IPete2(Posted 2004) [#4]

They are there now...

You should look at the gallery on the gamecreators website under cartography shop, as there are a variety of exmples, much better than mine there.

For me personally - CShop really comes into it's own when used in conjunction with Singularity Engine, I managed to sort out my own door entities which you enter parameters into CShop then Singularity creates them for you on the fly (you have to programme the responses to your entity parameters)

TreeMagic Pro has a .csm exporter for Cartography Shop which is useful if you have both products.

4.1 saves out as *.b3d, *.X (DirectX), *.csm (for use in Sigularity Engine) and Half-Life *.map formats.

Hope this is of some help.

See you next time, Dr!


Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#5]
Ok Thanks a million IPete2...

Ever get a chance and you have yahoo messenger..

Look me up on yahoo under my screen name of:


Thanks man!

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#6]
Hey IPete2....

Do you happen to have a demo of that Egyptian level
by any chance?!? Id' love to try it out if that's cool with you?

simonh(Posted 2004) [#7]
DoctorWho, please reduce the size of your signature image:

big10p(Posted 2004) [#8]
Good job it's an exterior pic of the Tardis - it's much bigger on the inside, y'know. :P

IPete2(Posted 2004) [#9]
Dr Who,

There is no compiled demo for distribution sorry - I'll do a video in the next day or so, in the meantime have a look at this video in real media format.

The real media video quality is poor but I have a larger mpg (12MB) of the same stuff, its just too big at the moment for my website.

This is an earlier level - not a graphically intense as the one mentioned in my linked page, but still a good example of CShop and Singularity Engine working together.


JoshK(Posted 2004) [#10]
The demo is v4.0, which does not have carving. The 4.1 patch enables this.

JoshK(Posted 2004) [#11]
Holy crap Peter, your mapping is getting a lot better!

Why aren't you ever on MSN Messenger?

IPete2(Posted 2004) [#12]
Hiya Halo,

Good question - I'll come and find you for a chat!


Nobody(Posted 2004) Edit [#13]

The demo is v4.0, which does not have carving. The 4.1 patch enables this.

ok! So I am assuming that all I need to do is just download the update on the Gamecreators website and install this
update to be able to use the hallow & carving features of the CS4.1 update then?

I've pretty much decided anyways that im' going to purchase
your product halo as it is of excellent qaulity indeed!
Even despite some posts on here that tried to make your product out to be of no good... I've always know you to be
very helpful towards the community and you've developed alot
of excellect code for this community to benefit from! Plus
anyways... I used to chat with you awhile back which you may not remember?!? But anyways though.. I was talking to
you awhile back when you was developing the Singularity Engine and you was at that time going to sell me a lisence
of the engine for around $500.00 I thought even then that your engine was worth it, But I was a little bit broke at
the time and I never got the funds though! But Im' glad to see you released the engine for free, But I still think you should of gotten something out of it for all the hard work you've done in making it!

And if you ever get a chance... I dont know if you happen to
have yahoo messenger or not... But look me up on messenger under the screen name of: doctorwho_3dgx

I would like to chat with you again sometime when you have time to do so...

Im' also developing the QoolEdit World Building System at the moment and your experience would be very much appreciatd
if I might be able to get some helpful suggestion on it
if that's ok with you?!

Here's a ScreenShots of my current Editor in development:

I've still got a long ways to go before it will even be near close to what you currently have halo...
But Im' working on it and I have alot of plans for this project!

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#14]

Somehow my post gotten posted under a "Nobody" ?!?
I was trying to post that post above this one... Sorry!

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#15]
To all that own a copy of Cartography Shop...

I just placed my order just a few minutes ago on the
game creators website. It say's they deliver the download
with in 48 hours of purchase... How long has it took most
of you to recieve your downloads??? Im' just curious to
see about how long it will actually take before mine is delivered to me!

Hmmmmmmm.... I was actually surprised when I was told
that above!! I was thinking that a email would be delivered
to me right away with a link to be able to download my copy of CShop 4.1
I wasn't expecting to be told I had to wait for a couple of
days before I would actually get it!!!

All I can say is this... DAM!!!!!

Edwin SI(Posted 2004) [#16]
it looks like something very nice there. I assume you change the icons for the final release?

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#17]
@EDwin SI

Why would you assume that I should change the icons when
the icons are free for commercial or non-commercial use???

I got the icons from a very old open-source project on the
internet. There for they are free to use how ever I see fit!

Thank's for the comment though!!!

JoshK(Posted 2004) [#18]
They have to get you a registration key, and it requires a real person to read the mail and send it. I wouldn't expect Rich to sit at his keyboard 24/7 waiting for an order to come in.

c32bit(Posted 2004) [#19]
Dr. Who, after ordering CS4, I got my email with the download link within a few hours (3-4). Not long at all.

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#20]
Actually guys....

I just got it about 30 minutes ago, So everything is fine!
Rick must of been in the office around this time because it didn't take long at all! Anyways!! halo can you chat with me later on on yahoo messenger? I would appreciate your advice on my 3D map editor im' currently working on! If that's cool with you?!?

Thank's a bunch!

Edwin SI(Posted 2004) [#21]
i dont mean they can't be used but they are also used, as you might know, in A6 from 3dgamestudio. The difference however is that the states the buttons are in your shots are the "active" states in A6 and that free modeller you're refering too. Creating a down state for the buttons in this condition might be harder because of the limited space between them. Unless ofcourse the up/down states are different by just color.

But as i already looks very nice.

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#22]
Edwin SI

Actually!!! I got the icons your refering to from a well
known and popular map editor that was there first before
3D Gamestudio ever was! It was & still is called the
Qoole Editor v2.50 from Lithuim Software that is no more
since the past 3 years that im' aware of. The Qoole editor
became open-source to anybody that wanted to expand upon
the source and make other things from it! All I took from
it was just the icons and used them for my project. I am
patterning my editor a little bit towards the Qoole editor
due to it's popularity and ease of use in the realm of making level maps for games! My editor has already got enough changes in it to make it a original editor and therefore different than the original Qoole editor. I choose
the icons because they are real easy to understand and they
are very clear to see. If this might be a problem... I'll create a topic about the icon usage in my editor and ask
some other people on this forum what they think about them.
If I get enough people saying stuff about the icons in my editor... I'll certainly change them. However though at the
moment, They are staying for now!