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Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#1]
Hi All,

Cartography Shop is really a decent map editor except it
has no geometry rotate functions in the editor to allow
a user to rotate their primitives or prefabs...
Does anybody know when Josh will implement these into
Cartography Shop in the very near future???
I was about ready to actually buy this editor to check it
out and all... But I came to a sudden stop when I
discovered that Cartography Shop had no Rotate functions to
allow me to rotate simple primitives and/or prefabs. I believe that if Cartography Shop had these features in its
editor... That it would be a hard to beat world builder for
making maps for Blitz3D or any other platform as well!

anyways... Just wanted to see if I may have over looked
something in this editor, But I went through the demo
version pretty carefully and didn't see anything related
to rotating world geometry.

Wayne(Posted 2004) [#2]
*Gasp* say ot's not so Josh..
I can't believe he would do such a thing, it must be you.

Nathan24(Posted 2004) [#3]
try double clicking on the sizing handles then I belive it allows you to rotate the object double click again to skew the object.

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#4]

Thus is why Im' asking wayne!!! *Sigh*
And besides anyway!! If you knew the answer to my question,
Then why didn't you post it here to actually help someone
in need instead of coming off in a sarcastic way according
to your post reply!


Thank's man for showing me the way... I appreciate it!!!

JoshK(Posted 2004) [#5]
Of course it rotates!

Haha, that would suck if it didn't.

Kozmi(Posted 2004) [#6]
Yeah very true!!!
I knew there was a one... I just didn't see any documentation explaining this right off the bat!!
As a special tip in the near future for CShop in all,
I would recommend a Help Mode so to speak to help explain things as they go... This is very similar to that of the
Quake 2 world editor called Qoole... Check it out whenever
you can to see what Im' talking about josh! Anyways...
Keep up the great work!!!

Warren(Posted 2004) [#7]
Of course it rotates!

Haha, that would suck if it didn't.

Now, if only it texture locked and allowed selection of multiple surfaces... ;)