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Pudding(Posted 2004) [#1]
- New Windows Help format
- New export tools (Quick Export, Batch Export...)
- Improved Instances and XRef support
- Improved Bone export
- Export Shapes (wireframe or mesh)
- Max6 dle should run without extra dlls
- Bug Fixes

The new help format is much easier to maintain, but I'm still spending more time than I'd like on documentation. So I'd like to appeal to the community spirit here and ask for submissions of help topics. If you find anything missing from the docs, or a topic that needs clarification, or a tutorial/how-to you could add, please email me!

I'm also putting together a zip of sample Max files. Each Max file will demonstrate one aspect of the pipeline (e.g. bones, lightmapping, B3d Brush animation, billboards) Again, any help in this area would be much appreciated. These Max files also help me quickly double check that I haven't broken anything as I add new features.


R0B0T0(Posted 2004) [#2]
Thanks Pudding, this tool has become indispensible to me for my current work.

mongia2(Posted 2004) [#3]
Thanks Pudding
excellent work


Beaker(Posted 2004) [#4]

Alesk(Posted 2007) [#5]

Could you tell me What are XREF Objects since they aren't documented, and also what max object should I use to create XREF Scene, since dummies are not processed and other objects are still visible when loaded into the blitz game...


Pongo(Posted 2007) [#6]
XREF objects are a 3ds Max thing, not a blitz thing. Look in the Max help.

Basically, they allow you to Externally Reference (XREF) an object so you can change the object in another scene. It's usefull when multiple people are working on the same scene, or on really large scenes where you can swap out high res geometry for a lower res version.

SLotman(Posted 2007) [#7]
LOL, you guys ressurected a 3 year old topic!

Last update was 0.72... and also a long time ago :P

Pongo(Posted 2007) [#8]
Yea, but it was a valid question, so I answered it.

Better than a "this is cool" post to a 3 year old thread.