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MikeHart(Posted 2004) [#1]
Hi all,

maybe you guys didn't saw it, but the new version of Gamespace got B3D export. I'm checking out if it supports the animation too, i hope so.

Alberto(Posted 2004) [#2]

Very interesting, actually the amateur game developer comunity need, in my opinion, a software like GameSpace, but ...caution
I must say, at least this my gut feeling , that Caligari tend to be not so trasparent.
I went through some forum where people was asking wether GameSpace export the .x file including skeleton animation...yes or no.
Well I was really annoyed by their answers.
Anyway if GameSpace can really export b3d including bones I will for sure purchase it
Let me know, please
Thanks in advance

dangerdave(Posted 2004) [#3]
Yes, gameSpace can export skinned/boned animation.
I had a simple, crude, ugly animation running in blitz3d in a few minutes. (from model creation to animation and export)

However, though it is easy, the method to export with animation is not the way it should be. You _must_ have the parent skeleton _selected_, otherwise you will get a static mesh.
Another thing, it exports .jpg files. But you can convert them and touch up later in a graphics program.

The above may sound negative, but really it was my frustration of not knowing how to do it properly that was the problem.
Mind you, I still can't see why we can't just select the object and choose to say that we want animation or not when we export.
I love using the muscle & tendon functionality in gameSpace.
(you can have a person flex the arm and see the bicep rise up).
Now I know that this involves vertex weights, but it should still have some influence when the model is converted to .b3d
Going to experiment some more.
As far as buying gameSpace, the sale price can be an incentive. I don't know when/if it would go on sale again.
Note: DON'T expect to be familiar with the interface if you have used Max, Maya, or Lightwave. It is different.

Alberto(Posted 2004) [#4]

Did you check if the Blitz3D "Children" functions work with the exported B3D file from GameSpace?
I mean , assuming you have a 3d human character, can you get a return value from, for example, arm = GetChild(...) function and can you use : RotateEntity arm ,...,..,...?
As far as the .X file is concerned, it seems that GameSpace transforms a skeleton animation into a vertex animation when exporting, in other words, the bones are lost in the exported file even though they were present in the imported file.
This was the main issue of the thread in the Caligari forum that I have mentioned in my prevoius post.

dangerdave(Posted 2004) [#5]
still experimenting. don't know yet.

drdespair(Posted 2004) [#6]
Just to let you know that gameSpace actauly uses many of the export/import features from Milkshape, they are partners for the gameSpace product.


Alberto(Posted 2004) [#7]

Do you mean that GameSpace can supply the same features of Milkshape?
This is what I thought myself.
I downloaded GameSpace demo, the first edition.
The original Milshape can import, for example , the .skn file format complete with bones, no problem at all.
The Milkshape special version of GameSpace import the mesh only, no bones.
Same considerations for exported files.
Unless I did something wrong,there is something wrong with skeleton in GameSpace
Maybe the original Truespace file format is not suitable..I don't know.
As I said in my previous post I was annoyed of Caligari's answers in their forum...pretending not to understand the confused answers.. everybody can check what I mean.
Any way if the new 1.5 version fixed this problem I will buy GameSpace for sure
That's why I am eager to know dangerdave test results