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-=Darkheart=-(Posted 2004) [#1]
While hunting through some sale bins at one of the less upmarket computer shops near me I found a copy of Bryce 5 for a reduced price of 39.99, boxed and still in the wrap, unopened. I talked to the shop owner (it was his only copy, never sold) and he let me have it for 35. I scuttled off trying to stop grinning and hoping it wasn't a knock off. It wasn't and I was able to register and update it just fine.

I was a bit surprised to find however that Corel are now selling it off their website for about 75. If you trawl through places like Amazon and such you can probably get it for 65. I think the best deals are to be had from the bargin bins though.

I doubt there will be a Bryce 6 so this probably the end of the line however Bryce is:

Bloody awesome for terrains/water/texturing large areas.
Does everything procedural, bumpmapping, noise, everything you could want.
Has a nice tree maker is VERY easy to use and model in albiet with limited functionality.

Anyway if you can find it for a knock down price I would snap it up, while it was a rather expensive lame duck for 220 (I think that's what it went on sale for to start with), it's a bargin for 30 or even 60.

Anyway look out for it the next time your passing a bargin bin, it's very nice on the cheap!


P.S. This thread has nothing to do with the forum White Eagle (aka Brice), any reference to him or anyone else alive or dead is purely coincidental.

Quick Render from Bryce 5, scene took about a minute to make and 5 more to render, note the nice detail textures and cool reflections present.

Doggie(Posted 2004) [#2]
Yeah, I got it from CompUsa for $89 US.
It's cool but you can't export anything other than the basic terrain. How stupid if you ask me that they go to all that trouble to make a world rendering tool and completely ignore programmers and gamers. Not a wonder they have to give it away. Not putting it down really. For the price it's a lot of fun to make pretty pictures.

-=Darkheart=-(Posted 2004) [#3]
It is missing some features that would make it a MUST have but such as a good exporter for the tree engine (which is excellent). However terrains/water/skyboxes it's pretty impressive.


Panno(Posted 2004) [#4]
i think this is usefull for skyboxes but cost here 99 euro