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Murphy(Posted 2003) [#1]
Anyone fixed out how to use GTKRadiant with BSP Factory...

just paid it today and be a 'lil frustrated, because i get a "mem acc vio" when importing the bsp builded(compiled) by gtk...

i get sooo used to gtk and i can do nearly everything... so i hope there is a way... .

JaviCervera(Posted 2003) [#2]
Hi LethalDose. I am the autnhor of BSP Factory. As the feature list in Binary People says, BSP Factory only supports Quake and Half-Life BSP formats, not Quake2 or Quake3.

The reason why I haven't included Quake3 BSP support is because you must pay a huge license to id software in order to use their BSP compiler. Both Quake1 and Half-Life BSP compilers are open source, so there is no problem in using these.

Anyway, if you're really interested in this, and want to use Quake3 BSPs, I can add support for this format in BSP Factory 1.2, but I won't be responsible in any way from any legal issues derived from a bad usage of the program.

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2003) [#3]
of course you wont. you dont use the complier. isn't it the way that the q3 compiler can be used for noncommercial things like the mapping and modding community?

Murphy(Posted 2003) [#4]
well i think that's the same way mark can use bsp in Blitz...

since he just implement the feature, doesn't mean he have to pay license, right?
so if your app aupport q3 maps, doesn't mean you have to pay...

JaviCervera(Posted 2003) [#5]
that's not what i meant. i know i don't have to pay a license for including q3 bsp support in my app, but i was trying to be sure that my users won't have license issues with id. Mark supports Q3BSP format natively in Blitz3D, although BSP Factory allows much more texture properties and retains entity information (and allows you to modify the exported map like any other mesh). So I repeat, if you want, I will add Q3BSP support in the program, but remember that you are responsible of any license issues.

Murphy(Posted 2003) [#6]

well since i writing an Fantasy game for freeware (it's just a personal reference.. like "so my grand-son.. look what your grandpa made" *gg*)i don't have any problems with the Q3 support... ;)

but i don't want to make much work :)

P.S.: since i have you personal here:

thank you very much for this great app.

JaviCervera(Posted 2003) [#7]
Ok, I'll try to add Q3BSP support for 1.2 update, but I cannot guarantee it. If it's not added in 1.2, it will be in 1.3 for sure (that's because I plan to have 1.2 finished before then end of this year, and I am not sure if I'll have enough time to work on support for a new BSP format).

Oh! And thank you for your kindly words :)

Caff(Posted 2003) [#8]
Hammer is a good world editor (you're not supposed to use it! *cough*) but I recommend you try it to see what building a half-life level is like. It's very similar to GtkRadient, a bit less powerful but I preferred Hammer cos it was easier.

Murphy(Posted 2003) [#9]
i know hammer - and well, yeah it's not so bad...
but i like the carving thing in gtk and the texturehandling etc.


thx man. and don'd stress yourself too much.

_PJ_(Posted 2004) [#10]
I have problems with Lights and a BSP mesh I cpnverted into a B3D with BSP factory. The details can be found in the original; thread here.

If you can help in any way, it will be much appreciated!

JaviCervera(Posted 2004) [#11]
I have answered your question there. Have you all received the 1.1 update of BSP Factory yet? I am trying to contact Beeps (Binary People director) to ask him, but he does not seem to be available.

I will be out for one week, so I won't be able to answer your questions until then.

Murphy(Posted 2004) [#12]
don't get confused by the usernames...

malice isn't my nick on here ;) ( webmaster@...).
but maybe i'm just too hi.. you know... ;)